The Vain Search for Election Rigging

Searching for a rigged election result is futile. Trump and his Republican allies are dashing about, looking for lost mail in ballots and other forms of election fraud. Good luck

There is undoubtedly some fraud. There have been 1113 convictions for voter fraud since 2000. If they look hard enough they will find something. Will that something be big enough to sway the results? Probably not.

What they don’t get is if the election was rigged, it was rigged by the same forces that rigged it back in 2016 when Trump won by -3 million votes. This time, if it was rigged, those forces have chosen the Democrat contender. If anyone finds anything substantial those forces will not allow it to be revealed anyway. Chances are those same forces are telling the president to make a show of searching. Why? So that when the investigation comes to a unexciting close, with no findings, NO ONE WILL EVER QUESTION ELECTION RESULTS AGAIN. That will make it easier for them next time.

I believe Biden did win the popular vote and that vote translated to an Electoral College win. What the Republicans are failing to recognize, and deal with, is they aren’t that popular. Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016. John Kerry officially lost the popular vote in 2004 but that election was heavily contested. The fraud uncovered was in the favor of Bush Jr. Kerry conceded despite the ongoing investigations.

Those willing to resort to vote fraud, use legal loopholes to keep certain votes from being counted, intimidate people at polls, redistrict to divide up minority votes and similar petty tactics DON’T BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY ANYWAY.

(Any resemblance between this commentary and actual events are purely coincidental and have no bearing on reality)