Richard Pilger Resigns

Richard Pilger, director of the DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch, has resigned (The Guardian). Pilger feels AG Barr‘s move to investigate voter fraud is a politicized move and wants no part of it. Barr’s memo is not in stride with past DOJ policies. States are responsible for their election results and the Feds only step in once a case has been investigated and can be prosecuted. The Department of Justice is not supposed to be loyal to the president, it’s supposed to be loyal to the citizenry.

Barr’s memo states he wants federal prosecutors to investigate “apparently-credible allegations of irregularities.” This is not in line with past hands off policy of dealing with the State’s power of elections. Prosecutors from the executive branch cannot negate a state’s election results; that takes a Federal Judge.

Barr, and Senator Mitch McConnell, are in lock step with Trump’s refusal to concede the election to Biden. Barr and McConnell’s loyalty to Trump goes against their Neo Con past. It diminishes their professional positions. They do not seem to prosecute their duties, or think, independently.

Presidential transitions have always been peaceful and honorable affairs. This tradition has ensured flexibility in our system of government and is in keeping with accepting the will of the voters. It’s what gives our government credibility. It honors the mandate from our citizens.

Trump’s baseless accusations against the Democrats are divisive and crude. It’s also an embarrassment to the right wing. This is true of much of his populist rhetoric. Trump seems to be driving the right back to the Neo-Con faction. The Neo Cons originally were socialist democrats who switched parties because they felt the left wasn’t tough enough on the Soviet Union. Hopefully Republicans will remember there are many other factions to choose from.