Rapid Fire Appointments

Trump is on his way out. The research into voter fraud will not change the results of the election. If they do find evidence of fraud it will probably not involve enough votes to change the results. If a conspiracy that huge exists it comes from a force powerful enough to tell Trump, “No, you don’t get to tell people about that.”

In the meantime The Big T has been packing the Pentagon with new appointments (Business Insider). The shake up is causing concern. It has also come out there are new appointments on the way at the Department of Homeland Security (The Hill). Christopher Krebs believes he will be fired. He is in charge of the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. According to the article the jobs of the directors of the CIA, Gina Haspel and the FBI, Christopher Wray, may be in trouble.

Analysts are not sure why Trump is bothering now. What are the possible reasons?

Is it that he actually believes he will find fraud and end up retaining the presidency? Doubtful.

Does he think loyalists will carry on his legacy? Biden will most likely appoint new people to those positions when he steps in.

Could it be he wants to staff the positions with loyalists because he believes they will be able to uncover fraud? If there is a huge conspiracy that would be the way to uncover it. But wouldn’t that call back into question his own election win?

Is Trump simply doing what he’s told? He’s been appointing former Neo Cons to positions for about a year now. As I’ve pointed out; this is odd for someone who won the primaries as an anti-Neo Con nominee. Maybe the forces who have been telling him to make those appointments are telling him to make these ones as well.

Hard to say really. We will see what, if anything, comes of all this.