Playing God or Whomever

(originally posted Sept 20th, 2020)

Getting out of one’s body is called astral projection. It’s very spiritual and dandied up in descriptions one might read. Everybody else calls it “making it.” There’s a lot of interesting things people do when they are traveling out of body. Some people play God, or Allah, or Satan for that matter. It’s always been that way.

Technically one could not play Allah. Islam is strict that God is unknowable and has no form. One would have to play the angel Gabriel. Judaeism is the same way, yet the texts all describe different gods and agents of the former running about. It seems to be a paradox or discretion in the books until you know the truth; they are all just people.

To play the angel Gabriel it would be necessary to speak Arabic and have familiarity with the Koran. This could be attained by working in an Arab nation or possibly attending language institute in the military. Then, one could cruise around convincing people they were being guided by a holy hand to commit acts of jihad. If the person were a sinner, they would have to die in war against infidels to make it to heaven. Instant suicide bomber.

Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Mohammed (Case Study 28 and Case Study 29) are two such individuals. We can be pretty sure they weren’t really guided by the hand of God by learning about their past lives. These souls had been heroes and humanitarians. They became acquainted at the Bellingham WA YMCA. Deciding to alter a car to hide a sniper nest made them known as the D.C. Snipers. The year was 2002, not long after the 9/11 attacks and people were still questioning the newly formed Patriot Act.

Of course it doesn’t really matter what religion one has. With the know how people can be influenced to do some pretty extreme stuff. Moloch was a god who demanded the first born of each family be sacrificed to him. The story is the children were burned alive. In the Tanakh, Yaweh protests that he never told the Jews to do this. He did declare the firstborn, and that of all the livestock, were his however.

Some parts of the Patriot Act have expired; the House indefinitely delayed a vote on renewal in June. It’s an Election Year. Our hypothetical angel of Gabriel would want to select a subject to be a terrorist in such a way (and from a place) as to lay the blame elsewhere, preferably on an enemy. Philip Haney’s suicide (The Heavy) opens up some questions. Someone taken off the “no Fly” list would enable the blame to be laid on the Obama Administration. Playing Allah to someone from an enemy’s house would enable part of the blame to be laid on them.