The Zodiac Killer’s Message

One of the encoded messages sent by the Zodiac Killer was recently deciphered and released to the public on the 10th (BBC). There are other letters similarly encoded that were sent to Northern California area news outlets that have not been solved. The killer had reportedly said that if they could be solved his identity would be revealed. This is the message.

“I hope you are having lots of fun in trying to catch me. I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to paradice all the sooner because I now have enough slaves to work for me.”

You will recognize this as a reference, although incorrect, to some of the topics I’ve covered on reincarnation. This is an excellent opportunity to shed some light on the occult and what’s going on with some of these serial killers.

It’s important to understand much occult activity is actually in support of the official church(es). At least it’s sold that way. No one likes to hear this; bear with me. His name is the Zodiac Killer. The general idea is to turn people who are thinking about learning astrology away. Most are not aware there was a form of Christian astrology before the Catholic Church. If the church continues to use it is unknown. Masons have used astrology to track reincarnations. Some powers do not want people to have access to this knowledge.

Harvesting souls is basically killing people and then programming them for use in their next lifetime. This is done by a handler, someone who astrally follows a subject around. This guy saying he will have his victims as slaves while he is between lifetimes is incorrect. This false statement is either a lie or a lie he has been fed by someone else. If the former is true he is probably a fairly powerful individual. More likely the latter case is true and he is simply someone else’s tool, having himself been programmed. This falsehood he believes because it’s part of the programming he received. If he passes this on it may encourage others to engage in similar behavior. This is obviously bad. It also discourages people who might teach these things, creating a dangerous culture of silence.

The powerful one that used the Zodiac killer wanted to stay in the good graces of establishment psychics. Dahmer’s and John Wayne Gayce‘s gay victims are in line with the church’s persecution of gay men. The Green RIver Killer preyed on prostitutes. You get the picture.

If the Zodiac Killer is still alive he may be running around astrally in his spare time now. There are two M.O’s at work. If the guy was a former opponent he would probably have been caught or killed by now (the Green River Killer was only detained because the local powers were called out). He’s still free so he may be someone his handler actually liked. It is also possible he is currently being used for some other purpose. The murders he committed would be held over his head in case he decides to turn on his handlers. It’s been 51 years of course, and he may have simply died.

Is he, or was he, a member of a cult? Probably not. He was being guided. It is doubtful that a handler would want him to be traceable to a group he controls. The usefulness of a cult is diminished when they are linked to a serial killer.