Life Patterns

To gain an understanding of religious writings and history one must understand certain concepts of reincarnation. The Tanakh, Holy Book of the Jews, is their search for God in history. The idea here is that people tend to repeat their life patterns. People will, unless brainwashed between lifetimes or controlled by someone out of their body, usually do the same things. This is because their motivations remain the same. Seeing the same patterns, tactics and strategies can give us clues as to who is who in the universe.

Another aspect of religious writings is the understanding that they were written under duress. The authors had to be cautious as to the wording for fear of retribution. It also explains why these writings have been re written time and again. First as the Tanakh, then as the Old Testament by the Romans and again as the Koran by the Muslims. The Tanakh and Old Testament still get rewritten. The power mongers hate the Jews and the history they have preserved. particularly in it’s original form. New discoveries in Israel and Egypt have caused them a lot of consternation.

It might be interesting to note the same people who took over Christianity and created the Catholic Church did the same to Islam. They also influenced rewrites of the Tanakh and are attempting to influence modern interpretations of collective religions, universal beliefs. They are attempting to gain control of the new age “psychology” beliefs as well as the main stream ones. Some of them are behind the idea to banish all religions (to hide their past) as per Marxism.

Because it was written, and rewritten, under duress; it can’t be taken too literally. Figuring out what’s going on and what will happen is simply understanding the people behind the charade. Understanding the players you think are good guys and the ones you think are not is key. Take nothing for granted.

One of the excuses used in the rewriting of the Bible is that it isn’t kid friendly. It’s not supposed to be. The Tanakh is an R rated collection of writings. There’s a lot of death, rape and mass murder going on. It’s that way because it’s a book of history and history has a lot of death, rape and mass murder. It wasn’t meant for kids below a certain age to read or understand. The age can be decided by their parents. The book is a guide to understanding some important people and forces at work – it is a book of warnings.

Understanding will also lead you to some undeniable conclusions. The good guys are often portrayed as bad guys and vice versa. There is a powerful group of people through the ages that hate the Jews. They constantly attempt to blame Jews for everything they themselves are doing. This includes their attempts at world domination.