Explaining Chandra Levy

Let’s take a deeper dive into what happened to the woman in the last post. First we should take a look at Chandra Levy’s and Ted Bundy’s case studies. Then we should read The Young are the Future – an earlier post.

We pointed out how certain powerful sorcerers use torture, rape and murder to program souls. The people they do this to will fear and follow them in their next lifetime. If the murderer kills himself (homicide and suicide) they will reincarnate at about the same age. Joseph Goebbles, for instance, killed his family and himself.

In the case of Ted Bundy, he had been programmed. There are two main reasons.

One is to destroy the legacy he leaves behind from his last lifetime. He had been Carl Goerdeler, a conservative who had become an opponent to the Nazis by 1938. He was against the holocaust and a member of the July 20 plot orchestrated by the Fromm and the Valkyries. Today, there are a lot of people in the US and the world who know about reincarnation. If people would have recognized Bundy he may have become a hero and leader in the psychic world. They started in on his mind when he was a child. He may have been able to sabotage their plans in this lifetime for another holocaust or takeover of the United States. They destroyed his legacy.

The second reason Bundy, or Goerdeller, was used is because the usual, historical, means for harvesting souls has been removed. Controllers can no longer have people convicted of witch craft, or arrested for treason without a trial, and then tortured and killed in prison. These sorcerers have always been able to have their buddies make sure they were born wealthy, that is to say not a peasant or serf. They could become a member of the clergy and with a little help from the other side rise to prominence. They can even be planted in a royal family for their next lifetime and grow up as a prince or count for instance. By programming Bundy between lifetimes and when he was a child they were able to produce a psychopath. Through him a powerful psychopath was able to murder women and girls with impunity.

They used Bundy to kill women whom they also programmed. Whoever controlled him also controlled Levy. He could then hand her off to another who specializes in training girls. The ones who rule the other side decide what happens to souls, not the murderers they use. They had Levy as a political tool to influence Condit, another person they felt could sabotage them. When they wanted to scare the legislative members they used another murderer to kill her. This destroyed Condit’s career and sent a message to our politicians. Bundy is not getting anything for the murders he committed. It is possible he will come back wealthy and end up back in politics. If so his last lifetimes (when he was Bundy) can be held against him for control purposes.

It should be apparent there are Controllers that want to take over and have a holocaust to kill the aware. They want to get rid of religion because their history is buried in it, or at least prevent ancient texts that have been re written to hide their existence like the Dead Sea Scrolls, from being revealed to the public. They want to use psychology as a replacement because a psychologist is the only person who can lock up and torture you without a trial. Once they take over they will re write history so future generations won’t even know about the holocaust. They want to take away economic freedom through socialism so there will never be private money to finance a revolution (violent, political or informative) against them. They want to own the methods of communication to monitor what people say and do to determine what they know. The want to own the musicians so they can control the popular music of the future. They want to take away your weapons for the same reason. All this time some will pose as IRA members and republicans for their own safety. Others will pose as extreme leftists to offer some an alternative to the former. Together they will attack centrists.