The Young Are the Future

We know there are forces at work attempting to alter our society. We know they want to create a environment of tyrannical control. We know they use a caste like system based on sexism, racism and religious intolerance to mold society into a hierarchical, pyramid like structure. This organizational form has persisted for thousands of years. It is the structure of the kings who have played gods. They are trying to sell your demise to you as revolution against forces they actually control. It’s a no win situation.

We want to create a world were our children can live a free and relatively peaceful existence. We have formed a society through revolution, economic struggle and the dictate of law. We have defined equality and freedom as our guiding principles. The fight has been ugly and continues on. It didn’t end with the Revolutionary War, it began. A constant fight against anti democratic forces attempting to re exert control and return us to the Age of Empires and maybe even the Dark Ages.

Why do we do it? We do it because we envision a future utopian world for our children. Why do they do it? We are told it’s because they want their families to be ruthless rulers. Is this really true? They know they are coming back and they want a controllable, easy to infiltrate society so their followers can elevate them to the top.

The Controllers and their subordinates specialize in creating cult like followings. Some of them are religious leaders or politicians. Others are military men or policemen. Any counter culture movement they will attempt to control. They will dream up misled right wing conspiracy theories. Others will promote misled left wing conspiracy theories. They will all work together for the same ends; to take over. Politics, religion and economics are all crap to them. They don’t care about that. They simply have to get people to do their will. If it takes playing politician or priest ok. Socialist revolutionary, no problem. Fanatical right wing fool, got it. Once they take over they will create the society that will allow them rule in future lifetimes. There will be no fighting authority after that. They even built it into “visions” they gave a guy who called himself John.

All have people that bend to their will. This is accomplished through brainwashing between lifetimes. If the Zodiac Killer killed himself not too long after he committed the murders, he will meet those people again next time. He will be the alpha. They will laugh at his jokes, follow his advice and believe his bullshit. Their subconscious fear of him will dictate their behavior. They will not even realize it’s happening. They will become his tools.

If there were to be a mass purge, like a holocaust, pogroms or a Cultural Revolution, there would be millions of people who fear their political and military leaders in the same way. Did the Nazi leadership, Stalin and Mao Zedong know what they were doing? Damn right they did. Do those reincarnated victims follow those reincarnated mass murderers? Yes they do.

If enough people can be convinced to believe in something and teach it to children, those children will believe it. Children over a certain age have more respect for the opinions of their favorite teachers than their parents. We all know this. University professors enjoy even more elevation in the minds of students. Some university professors are brilliant, some are dull. Some are seekers of knowledge and some are petty fools. Some professors are passionate reformers, some are brainwashed followers of fascism.

The problem becomes; do the young students have the ability to see the difference? Do they have the necessary psychological tools and maturity to know which professors are credible as opposed to the ones filling their minds with crap? These guys are out to take over the world. They are sowing the seeds in young minds and killing off the older generations. They will still be around when their students are educating the third generation of our example. Are we raising these kids to be conformist robots? Do we teach them to make up their own minds and be critical thinkers? Do we teach them to bow down to authority and swallow whatever they are fed? Do we teach them the value of fighting against authoritarianism? Why is socialism all of a sudden considered a good thing?

The struggle for liberty and equality has been going on in the United States since the Revolutionary War. It hasn’t stopped. Forces within our own country have always been attempting to take us to rule by oligarchy. They rig the rules for the wealthy, promote discrimination, crush union strikes with baton wielding soldiers. There have been protests, civil disobedience. lawsuits and fights over elections. But imagine this, what if we had been ruled by an emperor the whole time? The civil rights movement and WTO protests wouldn’t have happened, because they wouldn’t have been allowed.

They have decided, and the gumby brained minions have accepted, there will be no more struggle for freedom. They have decided there will be peace from now on, because they are worried they won’t win. They are getting the fools to sell out their beliefs for false security. When the dust clears those fools won’t even remember this happened.

So here we are. 3000 people a day dying from another round of a disease from China that has been hitting us every few years since 2002. 80% of them are elderly. The economy, and especially the middle class, is taking a hit. The young are starting to believe in socialism. Weird isn’t it?