100 Nanometer Economic Wrecking Ball

A new spike in COVID 19 infection rates has states enforcing new lock down measures. The increased number of cases and deaths will undoubtedly wreak more havoc on our economy and therefore, our national security, personal financial well being and every other aspect of our society.

Is this spike a continuation of the first virus or are we being hit with a second one? Back in April it was pointed out that a second Coronavirus type was being reported in France (South China Morning Post). If this is the second strain blooming no one has commented on it.

Of course much of the COVID news, particularly from scientists, has been suppressed. Scientists like Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier and Professor Petr Chumakov who both claim the disease was man made. Or this article from Nature.com from 2017 about the lab in Wuhan beginning research on “some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world.”

Dr Anthony Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious diseases since 1984. He was ordered to stop funding to the Wuhan Lab from the NAID by President Obama in 2014. He has ironically become the medical hero of the pandemic.

In the aftermath The Big T, like any good CEO, has cut US ties to the World Health Organization. Events have also occurred to help start a probably meaningless trade war with China. Notable is the imposition of Communist direct rule on semi-autonomous Hong Kong. Trump has distanced himself from Fauci, who has been embraced by the left.

Man made or not, the disease is real. Denying it’s existence is folly. We need to wear our masks and do some social distancing. We also need to work.

The incessant lock downs have been playing hell with the economy. As we already know, sabotaging the economy to ruin faith in Capitalism and Democracy is an ongoing theme. The pandemic is providing an opportunity to continue the trend. The real financial damage is being done to individuals and small businesses. Small business is a hallmark of American economic freedom. Many of them have been squeezed by larger corporations. Now they are being wrecked by lock down policies.

States are being kicked in the teeth financially. There is a bailout fund created for states and cities to access cash. Mnuchin is trying to shut it down (The New Republic). As individuals are robbed of buying power and small businesses close, the states revenue decreases. It also causes lower sales, and a delay in large sales like cars, houses and new small businesses. There is also the threat of defaults. All this adds up to a toilet bowl affect, causing more drag on the economy. The way to defeat this problem is to put money back into the cycle. Hiring for civil projects, cash infusions (like the long awaited second stimulus) and low rate lending to municipalities should help us avoid another recession.

See this past blog post for insight into the popular “sub-culture” media attempts to shift the blame.