Rocket Attack in Kabul

The capitol city of Afghanistan, Kabul, came under rocket attack today (11/21). This comes in the wake of President Trump’s calls to pull US troops out of the country (Blog). 8 people were killed and 31 wounded in the attack (NPR).

The attacks correspond to a meeting scheduled between Afghan government representatives, Taliban leaders and Mike Pompeo in Qatar. The talks are aimed at negotiating a peaceful settlement to hostilities. The Taliban have denied involvement in the Kabul incident.

The attacks have been claimed by The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Why they would attack targets in Kabul while busy fighting in Syria and Northern Iraq is unclear. Maybe they were just taking the blame (or credit, depending on your politics) for the rocketing. Either way; Allah works in mysterious ways and if He tells ISIL leaders to do or say something, they do (or say) it.

Attacks like this might succeed in disrupting the peace process. If the group can cause enough havoc the US might be inclined to stay in the nation. Hopefully an agreement can be worked out and the US and it’s allies can go on their way. It’s shameful the attacks targeted civilian neighborhoods.