COVID Blame to Gates or Fauci?

Last night CBS News interviewed Bill Gates regarding a conspiracy theory he wants to put micro chips in people via a COVID virus vaccine. The accusation is so ridiculous it’s surprising they even bothered to address it. What no one is addressing is the fact wonder boy doctor Anthony Fauci was using US tax dollars to finance research at the Wuhan Bio Reseach lab in China. Then President Obama ordered Fauci to stop the funding in 2014 when WHO officials brought their concerns about the research to public attention.

Since the outbreak the Trump administration has done their best to separate themselves from Fauci. They have back peddled hard from the World Health Organization and cut off ties to China. French virologist and Nobel Prize winner (discovered HIV virus) Luc Montagnier publicly stated the virus was man made in the Wuhan Laboratory, as did Russian Professor Petr Chumakov. If there’s a conspiracy theory worth investigating, it’s not about BIll Gates, it’s about Anthony Fauci.

In the meantime Fauci has become a sort of weird hero to the left. Telling us we have to wear masks. That’s a no-brainer; man made or not the virus is real and masks are a way to slow the spread. Trump, having once again stuck his foot in his mouth, sided with anti mask forces at first. The virus has damaged the economy, one of the socialist objectives, and Trump knows it. Fauci is on TV every night being interviewed and praised by liberals. That Fauci, he sure is one beautiful MF!

So where do the wild ideas about philanthropist BIll Gates come from? The socialist forces do not like the nouveau riche any more than monarchs did. Wealthy people who have the financial ability to affect our nations politics can throw a monkey wrench in their plans. US history is full of them and they have saved our nation more than once. Bill Gates is a self made man who has turned his will and fortune to helping society. He and Warren Buffet pledged to each other to give half their wealth to charities. Gates is trying to eliminate polio world wide.

It’s possible the main affect of COVID 19, catch it or not, is a decrease in the average IQ.