The Dangers of Joining Populist Movements

Let’s revisit QAnon. It is inextricably linked to the Trump presidency. As I pointed out back in October, Q got hijacked. I am still convinced of this. Soon after that post I checked the Q site on EndChan and found porn there as well. It’s not that I’m for or against porn, but it had been noticeably absent prior. This would have been due to site administrators. The change meant they had been replaced.

Who hijacked it and why? The answer lies in the whole Trump experience. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by 3 million votes. The win was the result of about 80,000 votes in three states (Washington Post). Those three voter systems could have been hacked. We will never know.

What we do know is the press tried to blame it on Russian interference. We know the blame was even pointed at Zuckerberg from Face Book. They tried to say that a lack of censorship on his companies part allowed foreign influence on American voters. First, censorship is wrong. Second, who’s supposed to be deciding what material American voters should or shouldn’t have access to; as if they are all just stupid children. Thirdly, they didn’t vote for Trump; he lost by 3 million votes. The whole argument is mute. Any influence voters saw didn’t result in a win anyway. His win was being used as an excuse for censorship.

I am convinced those who put him in office were bent on pushing right wing voters back into the fold of the disgraced Neo Con faction of the Republican party. The rigging was a result of the rise of the Tea Party.

Scroll forward to 2020 and there it is again. This time The Liar was calling for investigation into the elections and encouraging Qtypes to go to DC, all the while trying to pin these actions on someone else. The protests happened. The Capitol building got invaded and the National Guard never showed up. Trump himself played along with it, he probably had to.

Who set all this up? The same forces that put Trump in office in the first place. Anyone contesting elections in the future will bring up memories of the January 6th fiasco.

All those people who showed up have been identified and can be monitored and followed. These forces don’t really care about the politics of those individuals. What they do care about is that these people are doers. They are people who will follow through with action. The same can be said of Antifa protesters, who they will also attempt to control and monitor.

The lesson is that when creating or joining a populist movement, LEFT OR RIGHT, one must be aware the movement can be taken over or may have been formed by leaders who’s intent is not what they are selling to the members. People can get used in political games they have no idea were even happening. Creating a fake political movement for people to join is a technique to identify people with a certain political proclivity.

The German Worker’s Party (DAP) was formed in part by Masons trying to gain understanding of and to influence disaffected German workers. The DAP was then infiltrated by Adolf Hitler who was still in the Army as an intelligence agent. He was trying to find out for his superiors what the Masons were up to. He ended up taking over the organization, changing it into a populist movement and you know the rest of the story. These tactics are not new.