How Not to Conduct a Protest

Jan 6th will be remembered as the sad ending of Trump’s tenure in office. A show of desperation by misled people who barely understand the real conflict. People, including Trump, have been used in a larger game.

I believe in the people’s right to protest. This holds true for BLM, Antifa, and Trump supporters. I do not believe in storming the White House or Congress. There’s no point in it for starters. It’s dangerous as the current death toll of 4 reveals. They have damaged the cause they support. All three aforementioned groups have accomplished polarization of their causes. They are firmly separated. No group can communicate effectively with their detractors because of violent and childish shows.

Elevating one’s own status in a group of people by grandstanding their beliefs does not further the group’s goals. Singing to the choir can make one appear to be a hero, but what does it really accomplish? A person, once so elevated, can mold the beliefs and the actions of the group. What if that person is owned by a more powerful group? A group who does not care about their beliefs and goals or even the people in it. There exists an umbrella of manipulation beyond common comprehension.

Correct Way to Demonstrate at the White House (Suffragettes)

Groups in isolation can not further their goals. This is because no one outside the group will listen to them. Demonstrations are meant to convey a message and gain support. Hooligans attempting to take over the White House or BLM supporters burning private property gain notoriety not support. There are even agents de provocateur who will try to get protesters to engage in violence to discredit them. Some will imitate movement members and commit dangerous acts as a form of sabotage.

Think I’m wrong; go to a chat room on religion and just watch. Do not engage. Observe how the people go back and forth, Christians and anti-Christians. They do not communicate with each other they simply argue back and forth like fools. Neither side listening to the other. The same is true in most political chat rooms. They are not communicating with each other, they are simply grandstanding. There isn’t much more to learn from them.

What they don’t understand is their separation is intentionally manifested. They can no more communicate on real topics than the Zorastrians and the Vedic peoples could when the word Deva meant angel to one group and devil to the other. Their opinions and beliefs are manipulated by those they cannot see. They cannot communicate with each other. These divisions, like racial and political divisions, make societies easier to control. Members of the controlling oligarchies regard all of you as ants.

Trump’s term is over. There was no election rigging. If there was rigging it was in 2016 when he lost the popular vote by 3 million. There hasn’t been a Republican president who won the popular vote since George Bush Sr ran in 1988. Biden’s victory was ensured by not manipulating results. This should bring us to a question. What was this all about? The only possible effect is that in the future, if voter fraud is suspected by the right or the left, anyone attempting to bring attention to it will be immediately demonized. Chew on that for a while.