How the Early 90s Were Handled

Fromm, still claiming to be Rommel, returned to WA from Saudi Arabia in early 1991, soon after the First Gulf War ended. The powers that be had decided not to invade Iraq as he had hoped and instead put the nation under a state of lockdown. A no-fly zone and sanctions were imposed.

He began using his handling skills to develop a scapegoat for his next big plan. The guy was in Oregon at the time. He announced to the world while his scapegoat was sleeping that a race war was necessary to “save the environment.” He made it seem like it was his scapegoat talking to the universe.

\He hoped blaming environmentalists would make him a hero to big oil, a way to buy himself into his next lifetime. There were just enough brainwashed environmentalists, led by his associates, running around to give the appearance of having support.

The idea of a race war had been something he and his priesthood had been working on since the 60s, with Charles Manson imprisoned from 61 through 67 in the McNeill Island Federal Penitentiary. The assassination of Martin Luther King by James Earl Ray (handled by Fromm) was a way to select by default a leader for the civil rights movement. A leader who would not necessarily promote peaceful resistance. The idea was to create a situation they could exploit to destroy the nation. What they really want is to harvest more souls and erase the memory of a generation. This wasn’t the most brilliant plan, and fortunately it didn’t work.

The scapegoat was asked independently, when Fromm was not present, about a race war and denounced the idea. He began to talk to the universe himself, quite loudly and repeatedly I might add. A week later Rodney King was beaten in Los Angeles by LAPD and CHP officers. Other individuals took up the call to the universe, including David Koresh of the 7th Day Adventist Branch Davidians, others in Oregon, Santa Fe NM and someone at Ruby Ridge, ID. They were warning of a declaration of martial law that was planned if a race war was started.

The officers involved in the beating were tried the following year. Three of them were exonerated and the jury deadlocked on charges for the fourth. Having seen the video, Capt McCoy can’t imagine how they got off the hook. Race riots erupted in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Fromm’s desired affect, a race war, didn’t happen. He blamed David Koresh and Santa Fe for the failure of his plan.

In late 1992 the FBI siege of Ruby Ridge occurred. In 1993 The Waco Siege happened during the transition of the administrations of George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton. A piece of property in Santa Fe was purchased by one Jeffrey Epstein. The execution of Westley Allan Dodd by hanging in WA was carried out. Amy Elizabeth Biehl was killed in South Africa.