How 1968 Was Handled

1968, like 2020, was a difficult year. Charles Manson, recently released from prison, started his Manson Family cult. North Korea seized the USS Pueblo and imprisoned it’s crew. Martin Luther King, black minister and peace advocate, was assassinated in Memphis, TN. Race riots including shootouts between police and black militants were rampant. Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The Tet offensive was launched against US and allied forces in Vietnam, The Rolling Stones came out with their 10th album “Beggars Banquet.” Protesters publicly burned their draft cards.

I’ve mentioned Handlers in prior posts and it’s time to elaborate. A handler is someone who, while out of body, guides someone who isn’t. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The handler has their own personality and may be more like a guiding angel. Often, and especially now, the handlers are attempting to control the person. Hence the nick name; “handler” and associated slang.

Most handlers feed on the energy of the person they are “guiding.” It serves in a positive sense to keep that person’s energy level low enough they don’t get all jacked up. It can also be a technique to drown a person’s energy and keep them down and quiet. So again, it all depends. A handler trying to destroy a person they are controlling will attempt to appear to be helping them. That’s to stay in line with the dogma fed to people who are powerful. Yes, they get fed dogma just like everyone else.

James Earl Ray had a handler. In fact two young handlers were making their debut in the world above. One was guiding someone in another Ford mustang to be a decoy. The one handling Ray was the reincarnated Friedrich Fromm. Ray, formerly Karl Harrer, was not brainwashed. He was a avowed racist and had been before.

Fromm (we’ll call him the name from his past lifetime) was 22 and wanted to make a name for himself. Ray was similarly motivated. Fromm would try to get him to Africa (he’s infatuated with the place) to hide in Angola or Rhodesia. Both were under apartheid type rule. Ray would be a welcome hero to those who tell black medicine men the cure for aids is sex with a virgin. Fromm for his part would be a hero to racist Controllers and politicians and in the US. He, or perhaps his Controller, would also have someone he could use in Africa. He would be motivated by his wanted status. Fromm figured he would, and did, arise to be a Controller himself. It didn’t work out that way.

Here’s a point; anyone listening to Ray’s thoughts would have heard Fromm’s. Fromm, out of his body, would have been leaning over and putting his face into Ray’s head. From Ray’s perspective someone was feeding him directions. From the observer’s perspective Fromm’s thoughts would seem to have been those of Ray. An observer out of body may have seen Fromm and not Ray, or may have seen both.

Fromm, when questioned, told people he was the reincarnation of Erwin Rommel. He has held to this falsehood ever since. That’s a bummer for the real Rommel, or should I say for him next time. Someone researching charts might attribute Fromm’s activities this time to him and that could lead to a lot of difficulty. Psychics this time have been calling Fromm by the name Rommel ever since. Fromm has lied about life events in order to appear to be the real Rommel. It appears his paper’s have been altered to change his date of birth.

Why kill MLK? Because he was an influential advocate of peace. The Controllers were trying to create a race war through various means as an excuse to introduce martial law to the US. This would presented an opportunity to harvest all the souls they want. One person would have most of the power in the country, and they can handle one person.