Conjunction, What’s Your Function?

On Monday the 21st at 620pm UTC, Saturn and Jupiter will align from our perspective in space. Pretty cool right? Cosmic events are always fascinating to observe. Of course if you were in a hypothetical star ship fast enough you could travel to a place where the two were aligned according to your position in space any time you liked. It would simply be a different place.

A quick internet search turns up “How will the conjunction affect your love life?” “The end of the world is 21 Dec, 2020” and my personal favorite, “The anti Christ will appear on Dec 21st.” How many times have we heard all this before?

I am fairly certain we’ll all still be here on the 22nd. I doubt the anti Christ will appear. If there is an anti Christ he’s been here the whole time just like the rest of us. The only way he’ll be revealed is when fraud sorcerers put on their regular shit show and try to paint good people as evil and evil people as good. Frankly, as the gravitation of Saturn and Jupiter affect the asteroid belt, I’d be more concerned about a space rock kicking loose.

The real deal is this; the Controllers use superstition to control people’s minds. They pretend to be gods, give people visions in the form of imagined mental projections. They like to plan events during astronomical anomalies because they are hoping to get more bang for the buck. Timing an event like a terrorist attack on a day that appears to be from Masonic numerology is a way to blame Masons. Timing an event on a full moon is to make it appear to have some paranormal significance. Timing an event on a major astrological event is intended to give it a holy or “godly” impression. They don’t want anyone to figure out it’s just them getting people to make things happen. These timings prey on the superstitious and are designed to eliminate themselves as suspects.

If you’ve followed my site you know I do a type of astrology. It’s a science. You may say it isn’t but you’re wrong, it simply hasn’t been fully explained. There are buildings with alignments and calendars that are centuries old from several ancient societies. They show the progression of the Sun, the Moon, certain visible planets and stars. How was this possible? Observation. These ancient people spent a lot of time watching the sky at night and keeping track of what they saw. Could they have drawn a model of the galaxy? Of our solar system? Could they have demonstrated the rotation of the Earth around the Sun? Could they have calculated the speed and direction our Sun travels? No. They did not fully understand what they were observing. But they could make predictions based on their observations.

So, if you have access to a telescope and you want to see something cool, Monday should be a great day. If you think the world is going to end you might want to clean your rifle and get that 28 year food recipe book out. If anything out of the ordinary does happen, it’s an attempt to get a rise out of superstitious people and add credibility to those who deceive mankind.