Imitations and Subterfuge

Allies working together without others knowing they are working together can be a powerful thing. In this way events can be manipulated so people will have a false sense of security. This charade can also give the ability to accomplish goals without anyone knowing who’s goals they are.

The act is similar to the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine. It works on people because their souls have been experiencing it for so long they tend to fall in line. It’s programmed into their subconscious so deep they will actually believe what they are seeing.

One method is the use of replacement personalities or doubles. In the past a method of security would be to have a look alike play the part of a king or leader. If there was an assassination attempt, and it was successful, the double would be lost but not the actual leader, The double can be used to misdirect attention if the leader is to be smuggled to another locale.

The double in another case might be attacked by a group hiding their alliance to the actual leader. By attacking the fake they present the image they are an opposing group. It is an attempt to hide the Good Cop/Bad Cop (Christian/cultist. left/right or whatever) routine they have presented in the past on a factional level.

A replacement personality can be used to imitate an opposition leader, particularly if the opponent is rebellious. The people following or learning from this person will then end up listening to the wrong person. This fake will use the influence of the original to feed misinformation to adherents. Their momentum can be used to accomplish a fraud goal. The movement can be made to fade if the fraud leader will do something illegal or immoral. They can also affect arrests by identifying those who may associate with the imitator. The use of the fraud can cover for the elimination of the original and prevent the possibility of martyrdom.

There was an attempt at this with the original QAnnon. The terrorist attack in Christchurch failed to destroy the conspiracy theory; it inadvertently added credibility to it. Hijacking the movement through the advent of another site was the strategy. If the hijacking was attempted by a “deep state” person who is not actually in the government one can see the advantage. The Controllers are not in government positions, only persons they use or try to use are. They also wish to control any non government movements that arise. An example is the shooting of the Starbucks during the Battle for Seattle; an act designed to discredit the anti World Trade Organization protests. It was carried out by so called Anarchists. Most of them were probably not aware. Note the radical right wing propaganda being sowed is quite uniform in nature.

After the post from the link above pornographic memes did appear on the original site. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Nations can play the same game. One nation’s leadership may be in cahoots with the leaders or certain leaders of a different nation. If the citizens, and/or a substantial number of government members are unaware, they can be manipulated.

Recently the United States withdrew forces from Syria and Northern Iraq. The withdrawal allowed Turkish forces to move into the area. The area, threatened by ISIS, is now patrolled by their forces who are hostile to the Kurds. The whole thing was presented to the world as a unilateral move by Turkey, it wasn’t. The Kurds have the sympathies of US citizens. Turkey is a member of NATO and an ally of the United States. Unfortunately the risk of a larger conflict must be avoided. It is difficult to criticize the US for the move.

The problem is a third player(s) that was able to sabotage the popular, US backed uprising in Syria by inserting ISIS because the latter’s leader believes he talks to Allah. This was partially for the benefit of Putin and his naval base. This third player is in opposition to the Arab Spring; moderate Muslims are not as easy to manipulate and do not create high impact, usable political events. The Yazidis, part of the Kurd ethnic group, have religious beliefs predating Judaism that are viewed by Controllers as an equal threat.