How the 80’s Were Handled

The early 80’s found Friedrich Fromm, still calling himself Erwin Rommel from 1968, working for Aramco at the refinery in Yanbu Saudi Arabia. The Ayatollah Khomeini, with some help from buddies from his past life, had convinced the US and France to allow him to return to Iran. Fromm would guide Khomeini for the next decade. The Ayatollah consolidated control and established the fascist styled theocracy we know and love today.

In September of 1980 Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, another good buddy, invaded Iran. Soul harvesting could begin in earnest, each leader sending undesirables to the front. Both sides used poison gas (blister agent) during the conflict. The war lasted until 1988 and ended with little change of borders between the two nations.

During this time Khomeini was able to consolidate his control over Iran. He eliminated those opposed to him. In particular he eliminated people involved in the opposition movement to the Shah that were not aligned with his Shia extremists. They represented the biggest threat as they had proven themselves to be people of action. Fromm guided him through this time quite successfully.

The problem for Fromm and his helpers; his handling of the Ayatollah had not gone unnoticed. The cult of the Neo Cons, yes they are led by psychics, wasn’t necessarily happy Iran had gone from an allied member of OPEC to an enemy member of OPEC. The hostage crisis had ensured Ronald Reagan the election, but beyond that they could see no advantage. But wait, they were told, of course there is an advantage. Khomeini thinks he is talking to an agent of Allah, but it’s really Fromm.

The Regan administration sold weapons to Iran as part of the deal to get the US Embassy hostages released. They continued these arms sales and diverted some funds to the Contras in Nicaragua. The Contras were a right wing revolutionary movement attempting to overthrow the Communist backed Sandinista government. Congress had banned the administration from supporting the Contras because of their violent acts against civilians in the conflict. Who or Whom was handling the leaders of the Contras and harvesting Central American souls? Sure wouldn’t want any former Nicaraguans coming to the US and figuring this out. According to some conspiracy theorists, large amounts of cocaine shipped to the US for sale was also a part of the laundering scheme.

The whole deal was revealed in 1987 when congress opened the Tower Comission to investigate what has become known as the Iran-Contra Affair. Who hipped congress to the scheme? It may have been associates of Fromm. Not to worry, almost all of the indictments handed down were pardoned by Bush Sr on the advice of then Attorney General William Barr.

The first gulf war broke out when Saddam Hussein of Iraq thought he could invade Kuwait without fearing retaliation from the US. Whatever possessed him? Up until that time he had been getting supplied by the US during his war with Iran. He had also been murdering Kurds. Fromm was not happy the Gulf War ended without an invasion of Iraq.