A Realistic Look at The 5G/Covid Theory

The 5G/Covid conspiracy theory is a strange phenomena. I’ve never given it much thought until this guy in Nashville the other day decided to blow up his van in front of an AT&T building. I started looking into it. Let’s see if we can break this down.

The 5G network is going to happen folks. That’s the way these things go. The network will be faster just as 4G is faster than 3G was. It will be more efficient. Will it be more efficient for spying on American citizens? Sure. Only in that it is faster; the software competition won’t have changed. Your phone can be tracked as always, as can newer cars. What you do online will be no more or less transparent then it is now.

The Covid-19 virus is a disease. It is not a hoax. Radio, microwave or any other waves will not affect it. 5G will not cause the virus to spread and probably won’t cure it. We know the virus originated in Wuhan China like previous SARS like diseases. We know a bio research facility is there and we know that Dr Fauci was funneling US money to it until he was ordered to stop by President Obama in 2014. Was the virus man made? Possibly. Two Nobel Prize winners think so. Does 5G spread it? Definitely not.

It is understandable that people fear technology. Many of the world’s problems are blamed on it. Consider this; is it the technology or the immature, reckless and short sighted application of it that is the problem? Is it possible that humanity being held in a superstitious and ignorant state for so long is really to blame? Our leaders are like children playing with dangerous toys.

More communication between people shouldn’t be a bad thing. There have always been people manipulating others. In the past it has been with speeches, sermons and books. Now people from all walks of life and in most nations are communicating with relative freedom. There are those that insert lies to unduly influence people to bend their will. In reality, they fear our enhanced ability to communicate more than the rest of us should. Allowing them to use their own lies as an excuse for censorship is naive. Keeping communication free will be a challenge for the foreseeable future.

What links 5G and Covid-19 in people’s minds? Propaganda. Someone is out there putting this into the universe as if the two are inextricably tied. They aren’t. They are two separate phenomena. Perhaps this is an effort to deflect analysis of how the virus really came to be. Denying that it’s real is another attempt. Tying the two together could be an attempt to discredit both or one of the theories. This simple strategy being put into motion warrants a more thorough investigation into the origins of the Wuhan virus.