The Prince of the World Police

Erik Prince is a well to do mercenary who has been running private security companies since leaving the SEALS in 1995. His initial startup was Blackwater, then XI after the Nissour Square Massacre, and now, Academi. His companies have done extensive work for the CIA and the State Department. Blackwater even responded to New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Prince now runs Reflex Responses (R2) as outlined in this Current Affairs article. R2 is based in the United Arab Emirates as is Princes main endeavor, Frontier Services Group. FSG provides mercenaries for the UAE’s efforts in Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan. This article in The New Arab details this role.

Prince has also approached the Donald to privatize the War in Afghanistan. This article from the Military Times explains the pitch to take over the war no one wants anymore. Mr Prince also likes to spy on teachers.

Prince also has offices in Hong Kong. There, Frontier Service Group offers service to the Chinese government training it’s soldiers, police and security personnel. This includes the beloved Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the guys responsible for building and running the Uyghur Concentration camps. Communist Party of China officials in Xinjiang reported that FSG’s work would enhance the paramilitary Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps according to this Reuter’s article.

That Erik Prince, he sure is one beautiful mf.

Mercenary armies have been employed throughout history. The British employed Hessian mercenaries against American colonists in the US Revolutionary War. In the end almost half of them remained and became US citizens. Who needs the World Police when you have Prince?