A Dastardly Tactic

I would like to talk about a strategy that most haven’t considered. It’s one used rather often. It is quite simple and as misleading as it is effective.

If the Controllers have a political target they find out who that target’s enemies are. Then they execute one of them. Even though the crime cannot be shown to have been committed by the target (because it wasn’t) people will still associate them with the crime. This effectively ends the political career of the target. The “enemy” doesn’t have to be a real enemy of the target. It’s effective as long as the person will be perceived as an enemy by the common populace.

The Controllers are racist. This is something they consciously decide and create in their own psyche. The advantages are 1) It gains them support among racists and in particular racists with political and financial clout. This also ensures they will be protected in their next lifetime. 2) By believing in their racist cause with their big heads the gumby brains around them will believe it too. 3) Racism is a means of societal control dating back to at least the Vedic peoples. It is another caste system designed to keep people in an artificially hierarchical mindset. It facilitates control of large populations. 4) Because they make themselves believe in white supremacy the odds of them reincarnating white are much higher. They also believe in royalty and in being rich. This has obvious advantages in our world. When identifying their targeted strikes it is often helpful to remember this tendency.

Representative Gary Condit was a target. His girlfriend Chandra Levy (Case Study 33), a Jew, was murdered in a park while on a jog. She was the perceived enemy although Condit probably didn’t consider her to be one. Condit was married so this ruined his political career. No one was picked up for the crime until much later; someone who had attacked other women in the same park. The perpetrator, Ingmar Guandique, was convicted but then granted a retrial and released to El Salvador. He was someone else’s harvester. Condit stood against repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act, opposed NAFTA and didn’t want to invade Iraq. The event also sent a message to the rest of of the Legislators.

Princess Dianna of Wales was killed in a car wreck. The driver crashed while trying to avoid paparazzi on motorcycle attempting to get a picture. Being the driver of a VIP it is not unlikely he considered the motorcycle a threat to his charges. He probably didn’t know the guy just wanted a photo. He drove as he did because he believed the lives of the Princess and her companion Dodi Fayed were in danger. In his position he wouldn’t have the luxury of assuming there was no threat. The net result is people blame the Royal Family and MI 6 for their deaths. The fact she was dating an Arab appeals to those who actually know what happened.

OJ Simpson was a star running back and sports caster. He had done some acting and commercial appearances. His ex girlfriend, Nicole Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman, were stabbed to death. OJ was accused of the crime. The verdict reading of the trial was watched by over 100 million people. The only piece of evidence linking him to the crime was a bloody glove that did not fit his hand. It wasn’t even a close call, the glove was 2 or 3 sizes too small. It should be obvious that if that glove was actually used in the crime the police may have planted it. There was no investigation into police tampering with evidence. It should also be obvious that if the glove was used in the crime their could be DNA in the glove that would tie it to the perpetrator. To my knowledge the glove has never been tested. Do not kid yourself, there are those who would gladly kill a woman who had been married to a black man and the Jew that she was dating at the time. In particular it could prevent a wealthy popular black man from having an influential future. Most people I have conversed with on this topic consider OJ to be guilty.