Hong Kong Activists Detained in Mass Arrest

Beijing has charged 47 democracy activists from Hong Kong under their new National Security Law (NPR). This means almost all of the leaders of the pro democracy movement in the region have been imprisoned or are in exile. The Marxist regime in China has implemented almost full control of Hong Kong. So much for the semi autonomous rule agreement.

The Mainland Chinese government likes full control. Tibetans, Uyghurs and members of the Falun Gong will testify to this. The Falun Gong meditated in Tiananmen Square in an effort to get the government leaders to do the same. They figured it would change their mindset. The gods of China laughed at that one and arrested them.

It seems the International Community is declining to make a stand. I wonder if Prince is going to close up shop and stop training guards for the Xinjiang Province re education camps. It would be a nice gesture.

Those who believe in absolute power believe in it absolutely and do not stop until they absolutely have it. They do not believe in or tolerate democracy, even when putting on a show to convince us that they do.