All the noise and rape going on should affect a religious backlash against those who practice. That way in the future the puppet masters creating the noise and rape won’t have to worry about anyone being able (trained) to stop them. The puppet masters were the priests and kings.

Don’t believe in out of body (astral) travel? Ever had an out of body experience? Guess what, you were out of your body. Here’s the twister. What were you doing at the time? You were watching yourself continue to do it. If you weren’t in your body and were watching it, who was in it? For that matter, who pulled you out?

The Controllers create harems (of women and/or men) through murder and programming between lifetimes. Controllers create worshipers through wholesale slaughter. The whole of human history can be explained this way.

Never trust an atheist, they are the most arrogant of people. They are either intentionally feeding you a lie or are in complete denial.

You know they are at work when everything is being said exactly backwards. This is how they lie. They will join the NRA and use sorcery to encourage gun control. They will become clergy and blame liberals of molesting children. They will claim the deep state are liberals when they are really socialists pretending to be conservatives.

If you don’t rise above your petty affiliation to one party or the other you will not see the truth. If you don’t rise above your petty affiliation to one religion or another you will not see the truth. The Controllers are nihilists. They don’t believe in anything but the pursuit of absolute power absolutely.

They will pretend to be liberals to tell liberals how to think. They will make themselves believe what they want liberals to believe. They will pretend to be conservatives to tell conservatives how to think. They will make themselves believe what they want conservatives to believe. Their plan will become apparent once you understand this.

The Controllers want what they’ve always wanted, absolute control. They want psychology to replace religion; they will define psychology and be the psychologists. They want Socialism to replace democracy; they will define socialism and run the socialist party. They want gun control; they will control the police, the criminals and the armies. They want psychic control, they will dope you up and use electricity to close you up. If you become aware they will re-educate you, make you disappear; their zombies will stone you to death or burn you at the stake because you opened your eyes.

Democratic Socialism is a figment of your imagination. It doesn’t exist, never has existed nor will it ever exist. The reason? Read the paragraph above again.