That One Guy

Ever been in a situation where one person stood in your way? It could be at work where a fellow employee is trying to sabotage you. It could be at a university where one professor doesn’t want you to complete your degree. These people, if they have enough time on the job or enough tenure, can sabotage your life plans.

We’ve all been there and it is easy to see where this goes. You can try talking to the boss or the department head, but you’ll get little sympathy. The person you are dealing with is deemed valuable to them, and you haven’t been around long enough.

It only takes one FBI agent in a middle supervisory position to tell field agents not to worry about Muslims studying at flight school to enable them to finish their course. The problem is it can be blamed on the entire government. That deflects blame from the real perpetrators. Those perpetrators may be hoping people will turn against their government and will be waiting to take advantage of the situation.

What is the “government” anyway? I often hear people blame it for their problems. It is is a collection of people. Most are employees, citizens serving their country. Some are elected officials. It is not a homogeneous group. They have different political and religious affiliations. The group does not move as one and that’s a good thing. Change takes time and hopefully prevents the country being used at the whim of those with the mindset of dictators.

The officials appoint the leaders of the different departments of the executive branch and the judges of the Supreme Court. The department heads are not always swapped out because a new administration has been elected. This sets up the potentially dangerous situation of having people in lifetime positions as department heads. These guys have too much power and can misuse their office.

The justices of the Supreme Court hold lifetime positions. As of right now 5 were appointed by Neo Con presidents and one was appointed by Trump. The other three are liberals.