Backwards Conspiracy Theories

Reading about Dulles (last post) you will note he was an enemy of the Nazi regime. If you’ve been following along for a while you will see this as a pattern. There’s Bart de Ligt, Christian Louis Lang, Raoul Wallenberg, Melvin Purvis, Karl Kautsky and others. They all either opposed violent uprising, socialism or the Nazis in general. They died; some by natural causes others executed, and were then used in their next lifetime. They were used as killers, politicians or in some political move, to spread socialism or just kept out of the way for a lifetime. None of this is coincidence.

The other thing I’d like to point out about Dulles in particular is that he is included in many conspiracy theories. In fact I’d seen him in so much conspiratorial literature when his name popped up during my research I had a negative feeling toward him. I realized something. I had never researched his life for myself. That’s how they get you, they feed you negative information, doesn’t have to be true. The reaction we give names like that is negativity in return. Why? Because some manipulative lying person playing politics told us to feel that way. And for no other reason. I pride myself in thinking for myself and I am usually immune to that kind of bs. I kick myself for falling for it.

Turns out this guy did a lot not just for the war effort but for the downtrodden in Germany (the Jews and others) in general. He spent most of World War II in Bern, Switzerland. It was neutral territory. From there he ran spy operations. He also provided support to resistance fighters and help to refugees. He did all this while the Giants ruled Europe, right under their fascist noses. Could you do that? Silence the mind grasshopper, they can hear it. And put your ego in the cooler.

We can through observation see this trend in conspiracy theories. The bit about the Jews and/or the Masons taking over the world for instance. The Jews aren’t taking over the world and neither are the Masons. The Nazi socialists are trying to take over the world and they blame their perceived opponents for it. They also blame them for the criminal actions they (Giants) use in that quest. They fill the world with lies; conspiracy theories that are incorrect. The intention is to conceal the real conspiracy; their own actions.

They jumped Dulles when he was young this time, and put him out of the way for a lifetime.