Lone Crazy Shooters and Cartels

Guns are illegal in Mexico, it is almost impossible for citizens to obtain weapons. Most couldn’t afford them anyway. If your vehicle gets searched going into Mexico and they find a loose round you could very well end up in jail. There are places on the American side where you can rent a locker for any firearms you have before you visit. There is exactly One gun store in Mexico.

The situation in Mexico is one where heavily armed cartels battle it out with federal troops on a regular basis. Towns the government don’t care much about end up being run by the cartels because they outnumber the police. People, in particular women , are being murdered at an alarming rate. Women’s day for the last few years has marked by violent protests . At least one Mexican General has been identified as the leader of a cartel.

The people themselves have no way to fight back. Vigilantes , poorly and illegally armed are attempting to take back their towns.

Meanwhile, Mexican troops, unable or unwilling to stop the cartels themselves, have started going after the vigilantes because citizens aren’t supposed to be armed.

Before Trump our nation’s border policy was fairly liberal. The reason; it’s embarrassing when someone from Nicaragua is here to claim refugee status because they are going to be killed by the Contras. They were a ruthless US sponsored group that operated against the Sandinistas. It was prudent to have a less stringent border policy so the “refugees” would be unnoticed.

With the rise of the cartels on the other side of the border, Trump came up with his Wall idea.

The wall isn’t going to stop anyone. Increased Border Patrol presence and ICE enforcement in the country has limited immigration. The cartel members don’t have to worry about that. Cartels and their members are wealthy and have connections on both sides of the border. For them to cross is not a problem. The people we were stopping were trying to escape violence and a hopeless economic situation.

Now that Joe is in office he has moved to take border enforcement to a more liberal and humanitarian stance. The parents trying to smuggle their children across the border with a very real possibility of never seeing them again should make us pause. That’s pretty extreme – imagine how bad things would have to be for you to drop your child off at the Canadian border and tell them to make a run for it. The mainstream press doesn’t give Mexican internal issues equal time.

We’ll never be able to fully eliminate the possibility of someone shooting up a Kroger. If guns were completely banned they might still be obtained illegally. One might make an improvised explosive device or attack people with a knife.

The reason we don’t have “cartels” running our towns and cities isn’t because superman and batman are police officers. It’s because there is an armed citizenry of good people. Between the cops and the citizens organized criminals will never outgun the US. It deters them from even trying.

The question really is; do we risk what we see happening south of the border occurring here in the hope of completely eliminating the danger of random acts of violence? The local FBI knew about Alissa before this happened (RT.com). That sounds familiar somehow.