You Drive Me Crazy (more sorcery)

Driving people insane is one of the most powerful tools of the gods. It’s what they do. Of course they are just people, not gods, but you get the idea. How is this accomplished? By getting out of their bodies and messing with other people’s heads and bodies.

It is not random use of energy. It is a very conscious and focused effort. It normally takes more than one of them to accomplish the trick. It can take a long time and a combination of efforts.

Influencing people around them so they are disliked is one. They can influence people’s thought processes without them being aware of it. This can cause a person to be disliked by their classmates as a child. It can mean they will not have a meaningful career. Their job might be sabotaged by coworkers and their bosses made to think poorly of them. Diminishing their hopes at having a happy life with a significant other is another possible outcome. All these things can cause a person to feel isolated and hateful.

Another method is to introduce some sort of addiction, alcohol or drugs. This will not help the person adjust and can add to their isolation.

Introducing hateful and wrong thought into the mind of the target can make them become paranoid and resort to incorrect or even extreme acts. The wrong thoughts have to be actually “thought” by the one putting them there. This is done on other levels of course but comprehend this – they have to think those crazy thoughts to put them into someone else’s gumby brain.

Here are some people who have gone insane.

There are many others of course. Check the Case Studies section for more.