A Screwy Conspiracy Theory

One of the more interesting conspiracy theories I’ve heard lately is that there is no Covid virus. I guess it’s true that while many of us are tucked away in our homes, isolated from the outside world with only the news to tell us what’s going on we might start to question our personal viewpoint on reality. But let’s face it, tucked in our homes or not, it’s always been that way.

The virus is real guys and gals. Wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing does help prevent it’s spread. Is it as deadly as the initial estimates said it would be? No it’s not. But it does kill people, particularly the elderly.

The real question we should be asking ourselves is; who came up with this theory and why? Why would someone want people to think the thing isn’t even real?

Two Nobel Prize winners have stated they believe the virus was man made. Professor Petr Chumakov (The New Daily) of the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology in Moscow says the scientists were attempting to make a cure for HIV and then it was accidentally released. Dr Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who discovered the AIDS virus, says the same thing (NewsMax). All the other, obviously more intelligent scientists (sans the Nobel Prizes), have claimed they are just crazy ole guys. Go figure.

In 2017, Nature.com ran this story about how the lab was running experiments on extremely dangerous pathogens. There are over a dozen BSL-4-labs, including in the United States and Europe. The US National Institute for Health, run by Dr Anthony Fauci, gave the Wuhan lab a $3.7 million grant (UK DailyMail). The “gain of function” research into pathogens was partially paid for with US taxpayer money. Money for the lab was halted in 2014 by President Obama when he was informed of it’s dangerous projects. The document explains that “In January 2017, the U.S. Government released policy guidance for the review and oversight of research anticipated to create, transfer, or use enhanced PPPs” (potential pandemic pathogens).

The disease has killed some people and made others incredibly sick. Some will suffer lifelong pulmonary impairment. Rapidly repeating varieties of the disease have kept the pandemic going. This thing mutates faster than any virus I’ve heard of, if that is indeed what is happening. The extended time has continued to damage the economy and people’s financial stability.

So, who would try to say COVID isn’t even real? Maybe those behind the thing in the first place.

Another thing manifesting is hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. These people had nothing to do with the COVID virus. Even someone straight from mainland China isn’t complicit. They were the first ones affected by the disease. Their government failed to take any action until it was already running rampant in the population. Many Asians and their descendants living in the United States came here to escape the tyranny of Marxism. The little people are in this together and we should stick together.

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