Pretending to be Allah

For a giant to get out of his body and play Allah, or more likely an angel, to a Muslim is not an easy thing. Familiarity with the culture and the ability to speak Arabic are necessary. According to Islam, Arabic is the language of Allah. I assume that includes playing Allah to an Iranian even though Farsi is their language.

Think about ISIS, the Ayatollah, Solomeini, Saddam Hussein, Al-Shabab in Somalia or any number of Islamic nations and organizations. Most of them would probably not be fooled by someone who didn’t know how to play the part. It might not matter if they were aligned anyway. They would have to play that off by calling their boss the “Great Satan” or some other epitaph.

When it comes to common individuals, a lone Muslim shooter or the leader of a small jihadist outfit, it would matter. There are very few people in North America who could pull that off. It’s a very specialized skill set that would take some time to develop. The best ways to learn Arabic is by studying at a Military Language Institute or by living in a country in the Middle East.

It is plain to see how superstition is dangerous. Attempts to keep control of a flock out of someone else’s hand rather than teach the truth is an exercise of futility.