Maintaining Societal Programming

Obtaining and using people as zombies to commit political acts presents unique problems for controllers. The main problem is the beliefs or convictions of that person. Another is how much knowledge of energy and astral movement the person has. It helps if the person is superstitious. Superstition is designed to facilitate the controllers.

The political acts vary. One extreme would be taking on the role of leader of a nation,religion or political reformist (revolutionary) movement. They use souls they have planted in the former cases (Case Study 40). These guys are tried and true and usually of the same ilk of giants. They are guided from childhood to end up leading their assigned nation or religion. They aren’t complete zombies but they are not given the big picture.

The latter case, the role of revolutionary, is different. They may be plants like Hugo Chavez (Case Study 41). He was tried, true and guided; the role of revolutionary served to put him in power. His revolution was supposed to succeed and it did.

Other revolutionaries (sacrificial) are taken from the opposition they dealt with from a prior life. These are people whose nature is to revolt against what they deem unjust. They are misdirected to serve the intents of the controllers without their knowledge. Giants do not want moral servants, they want servants that obey. An example would be Charles Manson (Case Study 10). He was used to make attempts to create racial friction in the nation appear to be coming from leftists and environmentalists. He probably believed it himself. Convincing others of this radical view wasn’t working (then) but that’s not what mattered. What mattered is people associated him with this view and ascribed it to other leftists. The real reason to create a race war would be the imposition of martial law, a crackdown on civil liberties, the deletion of psychic competition, and the disarming of American citizens. Expect more about Manson in a future post.

The other extreme would be in the conduct of a politically charged event. Politically charged events are often violent and mean the sacrifice of the zombie. These guys are used for one time punches. They are sometimes selected from those deemed as opponents as in the case of Jeff Weiss (Case Study 12). Weiss shot up a school in the interest of disarming the citizenry. Lee Harvey Oswald (Case Study 36) is another. Oswald was killed immediately after the assassination of JFK by Jack Ruby. He didn’t get to talk to anyone (or write a book) after the event. It is possible from his political background he thought he was there to prevent an assassination but was really the fall guy. Oswald was a communist and the stated reason, “the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion,” makes no sense.

All this is fairly complicated. It is time consuming for handlers and controllers to create these events. Messing with Jeff Weiss’ head from the time he was a boy takes a lot of effort. There is also the possibility of failure. What if he had committed suicide?

Have no fear there is an answer. Each post I’ve made since March 29th relates to this with the exception of April 1st – the Real Rommel. The answer is societal programming. In the cases I’ve mentioned it’s religion and in particular the religion of Islam. It is taught in Islam that to die in battle for Allah means any sins are forgiven, and the martyr will go to heaven. This bit was put into the religion intentionally by the controllers. All a controller needs is to find a teenager Muslim that looked at a playboy and thinks he is going to hell.

This is an oversimplification. It is necessary that someone traveling out of body attempting to use Muslims for terrorist attacks has an intimate knowledge of the Koran and the ability to speak Arabic. If not, they must have control over someone who does. That means absolute control. It would be too easy for someone to trip them up if they couldn’t also speak the language.

Here’s the kicker; if Islam is going to continue to supply controllers with people willing to conduct attacks they must maintain it in it’s most conservative form. The controllers do not want to see Muslims become more liberal in their beliefs. The Arab Spring does not fit their designs. If the Palestinians and the Jews all sat down and smoked hash together the fascist giants would have a fit.

Another way the controllers facilitate a supply of terrorists is to maintain un-administered and failed Islamic states. If the Battle of Mogadishu (1993) would have been successful, Somalia would have taken a big step toward becoming a viable nation. As the attempt failed the area continues to supply extremists to disrupt free civilization (Al-Jazeera). Because the attempt failed miserably a political climate was spawned preventing future robust attempts at normalizing Somalia and other nations. William Boykin got left holding the bag.