Playing Both Sides Against the Middle

The Ayatollah Khomeini’s soul was put in Iran with the intentions of making him the leader of that nation. He was deposed by the Shah who was attempting to put the nation on a more liberal path. The Shah was attempting to limit the powers of the Shia clerics in his country. He went insane (driven), took things too far and created a backlash. The United States and France were convinced to send the Ayatollah back thinking he would be a “peaceful” spiritual figurehead and help balance the Shah’s government. That didn’t work out.

What, or whom, got the Carter administration to believe the Ayatollah wasn’t going to take over and institute a severe form of Sharia law? It should be fairly apparent by now.

Here are the charts on the Ayatollah Khomeini and just for fun, Saddam Hussein. These guys were both put where they were to rule their respective countries. With a little help of course.

The Iran-Iraq War was fought between the two countries from 1980 until 1988. The causes cited by historians are extensive. In reality these two guys had the same bosses. To the governments of the West the war kept them busy. For the controllers (aforementioned bosses) the war provided the opportunity to rid their respective countries of detractors. Saddam and the Ayatollah didn’t personally fight in the war. It was also an excuse to develop strict security measures. The measures were sold to their people as necessary because of the war. In reality they were simply creating fascist styled, monitored, societies. Societies with secret police, disappearing citizens, and an attitude against liberalism based on fear. The nature of these societies would outlast the war.