Recipe for Disaster

To take over a country one needs to create a revolution. A revolution can be violent or through an election process. To create a revolution people must be unhappy with their government. To make people unhappy with their government one must get the government to do things that make people unhappy. To make the government do things that make people unhappy you must control the government or at least enough of it to affect it’s actions subversively.

So, one creates a faction that ignores the environment, reinforces systemic racism, taxes the poor, does stupid things on the international stage and etc. That faction must be kept in charge of it’s party. A party that has a common sense approach toward governance must be made to look incompetent. It must be the target of constant political attack, slander and libel. They must be made to look “uncool.”

Actions may be taken to make the government look incompetent. Staging a terrorist attack is an example. Why wasn’t the government able to prevent this attack? Why can’t the government protect us? The attack is not really an inside job but people under your control in the government can look the other way and claim stupidity or inattentiveness as a defense.

At best people may blame “the government” for terrorist acts. They can be fed misinformation to that effect and they will spontaneously create more on their own. At worst they may blame some other organization. In this case they must be led to believe it is enemies of your own movement; usually Jews and/or Masons.

Any opposition groups that sprout up spontaneously must be destroyed or taken over. If an unregulated opposition group is allowed to operate in this environment they may sabotage the whole operation. If taken over they can be led to destroy themselves through the commission of stupid and politically unsound acts. The publicity of said acts will alienate most of the voters and sympathizers.

One way these acts can be effective at destroying their own movement is by getting people to take things too far. Destroying statues of Lincoln might be an example, or rioting, burning and looting long after the rest of the country has mellowed their response.

It is also necessary that in the process of taking over an opposition group the rhetoric used and encouraged should be as insulting and demeaning toward everyone no in the group. This will help isolate them and cause others to keep their distance. The idea of taking over these groups is to destroy them.

An opposition group that offers the desired alternative is also necessary, in this case socialism. You sell socialism in the universities and on the street. Socialism must be “cool.” It is necessary to have educated and articulate leaders for the chosen movement. These people may believe they are working voluntarily but must not step out of sync with the appointed leader.

Some day when the movement gets enough of a following, stimulated by the same shit you have the government doing, you can stage a coup. The coup might be as simple as winning the elections. Then it’s time to consolidate and control.