Aguililla Caught in the Crossfire

The town of Aguililla Mexico has been in the crossfire of Cartel violence. The town feels isolated and has little help from the Federal Government. On the 22nd, the Pope’s ambassador to Mexico visited the town and gave a mass (Barron’s). He said the Church is bearing witness to their suffering. The visit has brought international attention to the town.

Mexico has been racked by gang violence as powerful cartels battle with each other and Federal forces for control over turf. The people of the nation have largely been left to fend for themselves. They are generally unarmed and unable to defend their homes and families.

Since 2006 over 300,000 people have murdered. Women have born the brunt of the violence dealt out by cartels. Women’s day protests were extremely violent this year.

The United States has made some high profile arrests in Mexico. In 2019 Genaro Garcia Luna was arrested in Dallas TX for taking bribes from cartel boss Joaquim “El Chapo” Loera. Luna was head of the Agencis Federal de Investigacion (AFI) who’s job was to seek indictments against cartel leaders. In 2020 General Salvador Cienfuego was arrested in Los Angeles CA. Authorities say he was “El Padrino” the leader of the H2 Cartel. This angered the Mexican Government who requested his release. Then Attorney General William Barr had him released into Mexican custody. He was tried and acquitted and the Mexican government pulled immunity for DEA agents in their country.