Vietnam War and Reincarnation

Baby Boomers are a larger than normal generation born in the years following World War II. As such they are largely comprised of souls of those who died during the war. This means Holocaust victims, civilian casualties of violence and disease and soldiers of all the nations that fought. It also includes Nazi war criminals executed or that committed suicide.

The Controllers were then presented with a conundrum. The other giants, the ones they control, were the same age as they. They don’t like that. Something had to be done, and that meant a war where they could be guided to make a misstep on a mine or stand at just the wrong time in a snipers view.

A readily available war was happening in Indochina. The US had military advisors and was assisting the South Vietnamese government fighting Communist guerillas. Controllers are Marxists so winning wasn’t an option.

President John F Kennedy had decided not to send regular combat units to Vietnam. The South Vietnamese government was corrupt, not representing capitalism and freedom in a positive light. I believe he smelled the stinky fish; a setup for failure. Military advisors that had been in place since the French forces pulled out would stay, but that was all. In 1963, 18 years after World War II, JFK was assassinated in Dallas TX.

The man arrested for the crime was Lee Harvey Oswald (Case Study 36), a brainwashed enemy of the Fascists. Was he really guilty? We’ll probably never know. No trial ever happened. Oswald was killed in police custody by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner who claimed to have been distraught over the affair. Why did he do it? Possibly for a reward in his next life. He died a little over three years later in 1967.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a staged event that occurred in 1964. It is now believed to have been manufactured. It gave the new president, Lyndon B Johnson, congressionally approved powers to send combat troops to Vietnam. He did so and thus; did not get assassinated.

The US stayed in the country until 1975. Their withdrawal commenced the Fall of Saigon. US involvement in Vietnam served to diminish the credibility of US support against Communism far into the future. Past conflicts, like the Philippine Insurrection and the Korean War, resulted in long term US commitment. Bases and troop deployments bolstered (and still do) the fledgling democracies, ensuring their survival.

Four things were accomplished by creating the conflict and intentionally ending it. There are a lot of Gen X giants, men who would have died while the US was involved in Vietnam. The country became united under Communist rule. South Vietnamese people began disappearing and 300,000 were sent to re education camps. US allies confidence in efforts against Communism was greatly shaken.