Our Social Uniforms

Ever known someone who had a “DARE to Stop Drugs” bumper sticker thinking the police would be less likely to search their car if they got pulled over? Understanding this mindset is key. Expand that to a general who runs a cartel, or someone working to get gun restrictions but has an NRA sticker and a shotgun rack in their truck. How about a catholic priest who parades out of body as a demon at night?

That sounds crazy doesn’t it? A Catholic priest who acts as a demon. But it sure explains a lot. First of all understand they aren’t really demons. They are people. They die and reincarnate like everyone else. If they have an inquisition they can kill a bunch of aware women and groom them from the time they are young girls in their next life to be in their psychic harem. They fell in love with the women of earth.

Moloch was a “god” represented as a bull. Using that image is to demonize the bull. Moloch was worshiped by the Canaanites. They sacrificed their oldest children to him by burning them alive. Moloch was most likely an Egyptian priest tasked with harvesting the children of Canaan, a buffer state, to prevent aware children from becoming a problem in the future. Controlling nations next door to one’s own has long been a strategy of Emperors.

Who was Montezuma sacrificing people to? Who was playing god to this guy. He sacrificed people from conquered tribes. 1518 was year the Aztec calendar predicted Quetzalcoatl, their god of culture, would show up. Hernan Cortez showed up instead. Coincidence? Or was the guy playing god to Montezuma a Spanish priest who was able to glean this information. Cortez allied with the tribes Montezuma had been persecuting and defeated the Aztecs. In the end the Spaniards enslaved those people too. Tricky.