Portland Protesters Keep it Going

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is asking residents to help find the identities of people behind the violent acts in the ongoing protests (Axios). People calling themselves Antifa and Anarchists have been carrying on the protests that were initially in support of BLM. Instead of stopping like most of the country they have continued on. They have vocalized dislike of President Biden’s policies on immigration and anything else they can think of.

On a political level, in the interest of creating change, they have sabotaged the viewpoints they supposedly represent. The shooting up of a Starbucks during the anti WTO protests in Seattle tarnished the image of those opposed to the World Trade Organization. It was sabotage.

The strategy of leading protesters to screw themselves is not new. The Q Annon types did the same thing in February. By protesting election results that were not rigged, they diminished the results that got Trump into office in the first place. Trump won the election in 2016 but lost the popular vote by 3 million. That’s the election we should be scratching our heads over. We won’t be, and we won’t be in future elections thanks to the Capitol invasion. Trump’s anti neo con charade will help the neo cons win back their lost status in the Republican party. The Q Annon guys, having been on camera in DC, may be referred to as the Q “not so Annon” types henceforth.

Get it?

Lack of savvy and misplaced trust in leaders can really screw up yours, and everyone else’s, world. Just because you think you are talking to god doesn’t mean you are.

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