!Remember Alexei Navalny?

Alexei Navalny, Russian lawyer, anti corruption activist and opposition leader has been imprisoned since February 18th. You might remember he was poisoned and then treated in a German hospital. German doctors stated he had been poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor. His doctor died suddenly.

Weird thing is he went back. Upon arrival he was promptly arrested and thrown into the IK-2 Male Correctional Colony in the Russian Federation. According to former inmates the place is no more than a Gulag where the staff destroys the individual’s will. Former inmates said they were subjected to torture, sexual assault and psychological manipulation (Reuters). This all harkens back to Vlad Putin’s days in the KGB and is reminiscent of the Chinese re-education camps for Uighurs (BBC). Marxists love to torture, sexually assault and brainwash people.

The organizations related to Navalny’s fight against government corruption have been labeled terrorist organizations and leaders associated with him have been arrested. Protesters, Amnesty International, the German and other governments put enough pressure on Russia to get them to allow Navalny to be moved to a hospital. He had suffered two spinal disc herniations and lost feeling in his hands.