Sick Wuhan Lab Workers Arouse Suspicions

Earlier this year a team from the World Health Organization spent a month in Wuhan China. They were investigating the possibility the COVID-19 virus had escaped from the Bio Research Lab there. The result was a statement saying that the virus had probably jumped from bats to people and that it was “highly unlikely” it originated in the lab. China, at the time the largest financial backer of WHO has repeatedly denied the claims. The WHO also stated they weren’t allowed access to all the requested information.

Now, US intelligence has found that 3 lab workers were sick with the virus in November of 2019 and sought medical care (Business Insider). The director of the lab has denied this ever happened.

In 2017, ran this story about how the lab was running experiments on extremely dangerous pathogens. There are over a dozen BSL-4-labs, including in the United States and Europe. The US National Institute for Health, run by Dr Anthony Fauci, gave the Wuhan lab a $3.7 million grant (UK DailyMail). The “gain of function” research into pathogens was partially paid for with US taxpayer money. Money for the lab was halted in 2014 by President Obama when he was informed of it’s dangerous projects. The document explains that “In January 2017, the U.S. Government released policy guidance for the review and oversight of research anticipated to create, transfer, or use enhanced PPPs” (potential pandemic pathogens).

According to the Business Insider article the National Security Council believes further investigation into the origins of the virus should be handled by the World Health Organization and has no plans to investigate the issue itself.

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