!! Case Study 34 – Heinrich Himmler

Maximillian Robespierre

First we have Maximilian Robespierre, butcher of the French Revolution. After the American Colonies revolted against the British Crown the French thought they’d do the same. On the European Continent no less! Not wanting any of that craziness, the powers sent their best to sabotage the movement. It was in their interest to rid Europe of any souls trying to create such nonsense as freedom and self determination in lieu of a Monarchy. First step; take things too far and get rid of the real revolutionaries at the same time. He had a little help from Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai (Case Study 26) who sabotaged the Girondist movement from the inside. Killing Marie Antoinette might provide a useful tool (Case Study 33). They sure didn’t like that darn moderate Marat (Case Study 1) running around getting in the way.

Freiderich Engels

Carrying the struggle forward, a replacement philosophy. Freiderich Engels, Karl Marx’s buddy (Case Study 26) is our next guest. Capitalism is too dangerous for the sorcerers who rule. Here’s why they don’t like it. Controlling a monarchy is simple because there is only one (or a few) person to influence for complete control. Controlling a democracy can be complicated, there’s too many people to play god to. By the same token capitalism has many people influencing the economy. It allows for a middle class that can gain enough power (wealth) to end Monarchies. In fact, the middle class did play a major role in ending the rule of monarchies in Europe. That’s why it’s under assault now. Giving all the important industries to a government centralizes power. No nouveau riche that way. Wealthy colonists sponsored the American revolution by financing an army and getting help from the French who were at odds with the British. Throw in an excuse to kill all those opposed, harvest a bunch of souls for reprogramming, and you’ve got a hell of a plan for world domination. He spent his later years in England editing Karl Marx’s, writings. He left a considerable estate, valued at £25,265 (equivalent to £2,939,827 in 2019),

Heinrich Himmler

Last, but not least, Reichsfuhrer of the SS Heinrich Himmler. He was partly responsible for the biggest mass reprogramming event since the Spanish Inquisition. Marxism has built into it the idea that “pure” socialism cannot exist until a generation rules that was born after capitalism has been eliminated. They would never have been tainted by economic freedom. Himmler’s first victims were the 997 girls from Slovakia. The Third Reich was supposed to rule for 1,000 years but it didn’t quite work out. Himmler was known for his interest in the occult and efforts to prove a genealogical relationship between the Japanese, the Tibetans and the Germanic peoples – kinda goofy. For related information see Case Study 2 and Case Study 6,