Establishing an M. O.

My last 8 posts have been to establish Modus Operandi, a strategy used by specific people. Powerful controllers that handle or guide others. The one’s they handle are sometimes aware they are being guided and sometimes not. The people doing most of this are from a specific part of the United States.

Manipulation of the subject’s mind through thought, induced dreams and visions rely mostly on superstition. The subjects beliefs are irrelevant to the controllers, they will have someone play the part of leader to that group. The controllers work together, each fill specific roles to control people with various political, spiritual and religious beliefs. They will act as enemies toward each other to cover this fact. The political groups they influence are leftists, right wingers, socialists and the associated non conformist versions of them all. The religious groups they attempt to control are Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, New Agers and even atheists.

Manipulation of subjects’ body vary from a gentle push or signal to causing pain.

When they can’t convince subjects the actions they are trying to get them to perform are in the best interests of their beliefs they use fear, pain and the threat of or actual assault on those they care about. If this fails they may attempt to drive them insane, possess them or brainwash them and use them to perform self destructive acts, often in tandem with the destruction of another person they wish to control. Another strategy is to set the person they feel threatened by up. They commit a crime in such a way to pin the blame on the subject; the person ends up in jail or executed and is no longer in the way.

Murder causing a distressing death is used to erase the memory of the victim and destroy their will as their soul moves to the other side between lifetimes. This is the initial part of the brainwashing technique that produces usable souls from former opponents. The second part occurs between lifetimes and the latter begins during childhood when a controller will manipulate them and those around them. Often times making them the victims of sexual and or physical abuse.

From the past entries it should be apparent where the controllers are concentrated. At some point they realized this was being realized by people outside their fiefdom and began conducting work outside their region. Many of these latter projects are done in a location and in such a way they may lay the blame on powers who oppose them. This strategy dates at least back to Abraham and his assistance to the Egyptians in controlling the buffer states that included Soddom and Gommorah. Judges 19 – 22 is the same people doing the same thing; powerful people repeating a past strategy. The victims in this story were the Benjemanites, a priestly clan. The rapists were not from that city, and in the end of the story they were the ones spared. Afterward the sorcerers would control the priesthood.

Discerning the actual goals of the Controllers is made difficult because they are manipulating different groups through the twisting of their various beliefs. By looking at the big picture an image emerges. The agenda is further strengthened by their followers who have been led to believe their bs. Their belief spreads and makes it easier for them to be blamed.

A good example of this is radical environmentalists who thought the destruction of US society through a race war would benefit the natural world. The same guys who introduced this idea to them programmed Charles Manson. They also convinced certain racist interests it’s a way to diminish black influence while blaming it on liberals. The real agenda is a mass programming event where they would be able to program millions of souls to obey them in the next lifetime. The most recent large mass programming event is the holocaust. There have been others and they continue today. Of course in the instance of a race war martial law would be declared and our nation would quickly devolve into a surveillance state.