Again and Again

As we watch behavior of individuals and learn about who they were and how history has been revised to cover their tracks we can determine a few things. The reason is people follow the same life patterns lifetime after lifetime. The Borg religions that try to hide this fact are designed to cover the crimes of those behind their leaders.

The rapists and murderers flying around have always been rapists and murderers. They were raping people in the dungeons of the Catholic churches during the inquisition and burning them at the stake afterwords. They were doing the same in the concentration camps in Europe. They are the same people with the same bosses and it was all government sanctioned.

Their leader is the same leader they have always had. He hides his identity with the help of the others and uses figureheads to take the blame for his actions. The rapists working for him, and the others, don’t get they themselves have been programmed in the way of Spartan Pederasty which I doubt was necessarily consensual (historians like to pretty things up). The Spartans destroyed Athenian democracy.

The leaders behind the Spanish Inquisition for example, were those who had infiltrated the church and the royalty. Both systems were designed to support the ability of controllers to put souls into positions of power. Case Study 30 and Case Study 31.

Their leaders play roles. Most live conservative lifestyles, they are priests, school teachers, cops, FBI agents, military officers, politicians and etc. Many of them are married and have been for extended periods. By all appearances they are upstanding members of society. When they are out of their bodies they are rapists and murderers of the worst kind. They are no different than child abusing priests or teachers.

This is the way they have always been. They succeed by doing it under the auspices of serving the leaders of the society they are in. The leaders of society who believe in gun control will support, or at least not interfere, when someone is programmed to shoot up a school for instance. See Case Study 1, Case Study 11 and Case Study 12.

What these leaders don’t see is the men making that happen don’t have the best interest of society in mind with these actions. They don’t have the best interests of those leaders in mind either. They want gun control to protect themselves from people who are figuring them out. This is part of the fascist agenda, part of their consolidation and control phase. The Nazi created gun control to protect themselves from the German people. Their long term goal is to take over. When they do it isn’t going to be about democracy, democratic or republican ideals.

Some of the leaders associated with the Controllers pretending to be leftists, pretend to be right wingers. A notable one handled (acted as a guide) to James Earl Ray, the man who shot Dr Martin Luther King. When questioned he declared himself to be Erwin Rommel’s reincarnation, which he isn’t. He pretends to have an antagonistic stance with the one’s creating the gun control events. That stance is a ruse. They are working together. Ray wasn’t programmed in the same way as the others. The controllers were much younger at the time so they couldn’t “handle” people as well. In their way of thinking Ray would end up being a hero to racists. This would give him and, more importantly his controller, influence among the racist segments of society. The former goal wasn’t achieved but the second one was.

To control a society it is necessary to control all the major political and religious organizations. They will also take over any prominent sub culture movements.

Their is an apparent contradiction here. The contrasting agendas keeps everyone off balance. They are working together. James Earl Ray’s guide and the controllers trying to create gun control are cohorts. Because of political dogma introduced to both segments of society people can’t imagine this to be the case.

Let’s face the simple facts. The NAZI agenda was fairly straightforward; socialism, gun control, racism and a mass programming event called the Holocaust. The holocaust was designed to program a large number of people’s subconscious to fear, and therefore love and worship, the perpetrators of that heinous crime. 10 million souls were programmed and by all indications it worked pretty well.