Some More Brainwashing

Brainwashing people involves creating fear in their minds. It involves torture of subjects and ones the subjects care about. They will offer a “deal” to make it all stop. The deal is really just submission, then you’re finished.They also like to have a big show (Colosseum), so other people will be discouraged from resisting.

They teach their own to be complete sociopaths. To have no sympathy for people and to consider themselves better than they are.

At the same time they teach regular people to “give in” and surrender. They teach people the greatest good is to submit. The same guys teaching you this stuff molest children and torture and rape women and men, then burn them at the stake or stone them to death (Colosseum). That’s the way it’s been since the 4th century.

For some reason people think it’s spiritual to surrender to the terrorism the rulers of their world inflict on people. They don’t even dream of fighting back. It’s been removed from their minds. The thing they don’t understand is, there are only 666 of them world wide. They need to instill fear on people to control them. They use their powers to try to get gun control because they are no longer rich white men behind castle walls, having made sure they were born royal. They are just men. The reason they can do things others can’t is because they’ve been murdering children who might challenge them for centuries.

This is the reason the Jews call themselves suffering servants, the reason Catholics are told not to question god’s way, and the reason Muslims stick their asses in the air five times a day. None of these people get there are just a few bastards using power to play god. Keeping people at odds and too busy competing to see who’s pulling their strings.

The brainwashing works pretty well. Ever wonder why we all believe Mary was a virgin? That’s ridiculous. But we do believe it. You believe it because between lifetimes, if you didn’t, you got your ass kicked. Think about how people believe who they fear. Qannon types, fooled by the king child molester into thinking his son is commanding them, help him blame the liberals and Hollywood. People with the information they need to fight back blame one guy for not saving them all. That belief is also a manipulation.