What is a poltergeist? To answer this question a few bits of knowledge are necessary. The first thing to understand is the dead have no power. Power is channeled through a living body. No body, no power. So when you think you are seeing a ghost, dark or light (or blue or red) you are actually seeing a living person who is out of their body. Where are the dead? Same place; all around us. The dead (the vast majority of them) can’t do much of anything.

A poltergeist is a way to demonize a child. It’s a setup. The things the out of body people do are not subtle. The idea is to invoke the superstition of the people around the child so they destroy him or her. This is because the soul of the targeted child is someone they do not want to become powerful. The story of Jesus causing another child to die (Infancy Gospel of Thomas) is an example of this type of sorcery. Jesus, as a child, wouldn’t have been able kill another child. This type of thing takes focus, being out of body, and assistance. It was a setup to demonize Jesus when he was very young.

A similar, modern technique of driving a very aware child insane to have them institutionalized. The new priesthood of psychologists could then subject them to drugs, electro-shock and lobotomies to rid themselves of psychic competition.

Vampiring energy is a technique a person out of body uses to gain energy from people who are in their bodies. This is used to keep the victim down and to make their own chi much bigger. Commonly this is done to people while they sleep, but can also be done while they meditate or are awake. In this way someone who uses dark can acquire blue or white energy.

Vampiring people’s energy while they sleep makes having people live in cities very attractive, keeps them in a close proximity. It also enables the sorcerers to affect the subconscious of sleeping people in the same way they influence the dead and at the same time. Glorifying themselves and filling people’s minds with dogma. This is done through dream weaving and is best accomplished with people who’s energy is drained. It is more effective on the dead as they don’t wake up and spend their day in body. The programming stays in the subconscious of both.

To avoid being continuously drained and programmed some people came up with the idea of staying awake at night and sleeping in the daytime. Sleeping in a coffin might also make the out of body sorcerers think they are dead and leave them alone. When out of body, navigation can be difficult. The priests, who were not happy with people avoiding the dream sessions they were conducting and not being available as batteries told everyone the vampires were the ones who slept in coffins during the day. In this way superstitious people would eliminate those trying to free themselves from the programming going on in their cities through the use of wooden stakes.

The technique used to drain energy is to pull up on the victims center while keeping their own low. Energy is transferred to the out of body vampire. If you keep your center low you take in more energy which they can drain. If you lift up their center the transfer will stop or reverse, but they will call for help and dogpile you. They use intimidation and fear to rule. They are just rich white guys after all and not that numerous.