The Colosseum

What are we all watching? We are watching the programming in action. The amazing thing is it works on everyone. By playing punisher the one’s using dark are justifying rape and torture for the one using light, or blue, because someone is not submitting. The religious think it’s the devils punishing people in the name of god. The non religious and leftists think it’s a cool rape thing based on false accusations; even glorify it. What it really is is terrorism, that works for the Muslims.

The idea of light and dark being good and evil is contrived. Particularly when you know the energy can be stolen. Is Anubis punishing those who wont obey and worship Ra? is Satan the enemy of God? Or are they really just a bunch of fascist vampires?

Dark energy is heavier and can be used to cause pain. It can also be used as camouflage at night, as can blue in the day. Because of this dark is applied to the dogma as the force of evil. It also facilitates and necessitates racism. Darker skinned people are blamed for their deeds (Birth of a Nation). Every major human society we know of (Empires) has been dominated by the lighter skinned people of the races present. This is not a coincidence.

This is what was criticized as dualism by the Buddha. The manufactured ideas of good and evil designed to get people to focus on false morality while veiling the control mechanism. The real evil is the brainwashing used to manipulate people and societies. This is why the Chinese invaded Tibet and why the Taliban tore down Buddhist statues.

The criticism of the Catholic church by the Protestants were that the Catholics glorified riches when Jesus was a poor man. The Catholic church demanded confessions of sins, even tortured people into confessing before execution, when Jesus was opened by John the Baptist. The Catholic church had a plethora of saints that could be prayed to when prayer was only supposed to be to God. These things are indicative of the Catholic church because it was created by the Romans. The same Romans had formed the Roman religion and forced people to worship Jupiter as a god under punishment of death.

These guys reincarnate like everyone else. They put their people into society where they want them. Generals, priests, politicians, lawmen and wealthy men. As they reach adulthood they begin to take over the nation. Never trust a wonder boy who rises to prominence at a young age. They also control criminals and psychopaths. Those who are aware and may oppose them get tortured in the Colosseum, burned at the stake, stoned to death or gassed. They are then reprogrammed to serve.

The show we are watching is semi scripted. Those we see are acting out parts. If they do not act the part required they are replaced by someone who will. They can even be controlled (they are out of body) and their voices used to say their lines. You can watch that crap till the end of time and you will never understand the nature of it. It is the Colosseum. The show you are watching is designed to program the dead and influence the living. The director; Jean Baptiste Couvrai.