!!Playing 2 Sides Against the Middle

In retrospect it is fairly obvious the evolution of Marxism in Europe was an attempt to create a worldwide control mechanism based on dualism. The idea being that to rule one must create two opposing forces and keep them at odds. This gives humanity the illusion of choice and something to spin their brains over that has no real meaning. It provides humanity something to fight and die for that will have no real affect on their freedom or enlightenment. The two forces were intended to be Socialism and Communism.

Both types of governance are the brainchildren of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. That the two ideas would be at violent odds with each other is a joke; they are basically the same thing. The major means of production are taken out of civilian hands and given to the government. One party rule is instituted and religion is banned. It was a contrived contest. The Thule society and certain operatives helped both come to power, first in 1917 and then in 1933 (Related Alexander Parvus). The intended result was that Eurasia would be ruled half by Socialists and half by Communists. In their next lifetimes the war would continue until democracy was destroyed and the two Marxist factions would control the world.

The Nazis did not foresee defeat. The result was the Cold War, the two factions being Democratic Capitalist governments in opposition to Communist ones.

So, how could the Marxists carry on their fight in the next (this) lifetime? Sabotage the United States and the UK. The US is the most powerful democracy in the world. Without the support of the US, Democracy may fall forever. Trying to turn the US into a Socialist dictatorship would destroy democracy, so would destroying the country itself.

Some examples of sabotage might be getting the US into a war against Communists and ensuring our defeat. Another might be creating a new technologically advanced Communist opponent. Still another would be to destroy the economy of our nation and keep us in eternal debt.

The example of sabotage I would like us to consider is efforts at helping our enemies in the Middle East at the expense of our allies. To understand this we must look at the bigger, long term picture. The guys pulling peoples strings don’t think in terms of 4 years. They think in terms of decades and centuries. They know we are all coming back.

In the past the way to free a nation and help it become a democracy was a decades long or even century long commitment. The US involvement in the Philippines from 1899 on began with a war, the granting of Commonwealth status in 1935 and the establishment of the Republic of the Philippines in 1946. The US maintained bases in the country until 1992. This helped the nation develop and maintain stability. It also deterred Communist forces. Long term commitment is a necessity.

This is no less the case today. The way to success in Vietnam would have included permanent bases similar to those in Germany and South Korea. The establishment and maintenance of democracy requires risk. To truly support Taiwan we might consider offering to build and maintain a US Naval base on the island. To support the Ukraine we might consider offering to permanently station US troops on her soil. The same can be said of Afghanistan.

Today in the news former President George Bush Jr chastised President Joe Biden for pulling out of Afghanistan. The Taliban are making advances against the young and vulnerable Afghan Government. The US has lost another war.

Maybe this was the whole point; offer them the promise of democracy, egalitarianism and freedom. Then smash their hopes on the rocks. Because it took 20 years most people won’t see the bigger picture. It will create an overall distrust of the US in a world were more nations are aligning themselves with China. It will affect the psyche of people worldwide that democracy is on the way out and Communism is on the way in.

When controlling two forces that are seemingly in opposition, one must be chosen to win, the other chosen to lose. In this case the Democrats are set up to look like the bad guys, the Neo Cons the good guys. The reality is they are simply acting out their part in the grand scheme.

Hey there’s always Eric Prince. He offered to take over all US responsibilities in Afghanistan with his private army.