Booster Vaccine?

The Q Anon site gained so much attention it scared the Romans. They decided to destroy it. They guided a zombie to Christchurch NZ to attack two mosques and claim it was in support of the Q theory of a “deep state.” He ( Brenton Harrison Tarrant ) believes he’ll be rewarded in his next life like Jack Ruby. The event had the opposite affect; it stoked the fire of interest.

The site began to change. Contributors who were anti-semites began to dominate the posts and gay porn images popped up on the board. Something had changed. Many believe the site was taken over by the owner of 8chan, Jim Watkins of Dayton, WA. So it seems the Romans created a new church by taking over an opponent religion and bending it to their wishes. Where have I heard that story before? Sad thing is, many people are now listening to these imposters.

An example is the incessant encouragement to reject the COVID vaccines. Yes, Covid has been demolishing the economy and particularly the economic power of the middle class. Yes, it probably came from a Chinese lab. Yes, it may have been intentionally released. But it is real. The only ones out there who don’t want you to take the vaccines are the ones behind it in the first place. Not enough people died. The Communist country’s Wuhan area has been the source of pandemics since right after 9/11.

This time there were different varieties of the virus from the outset, like the one initially reported in France. Scientists think the strain either didn’t originate in Wuhan or arrived there before anywhere else and mutated. The latter possibility would necessitate a closed society where the strain would be isolated. Scientists didn’t mention the possibility the lab produced more than one strain in the first place because that would be inflammatory. It would also mean Covid was intentionally released in the country rather than having spread there.

This new Delta variant popped up rapidly. A little too rapidly. Hospitals are reporting 98% of new Covid deaths are occurring amongst those who aren’t vaccinated. All the while the bogus Q Anons are telling people not to get the shots.

Pfizer says it is pursuing a booster shot for this new strain. The scientists with the company believe people with the original vaccine will become vulnerable to the Delta variant (CNN). For some strange reason the CDC and Dr Anthony Fauci say a booster is not necessary (CNN Health).

I think it’s time for the Q followers to wake up and realize they are being misled. It’s also time to get your shots if you haven’t already. If the government isn’t going to recommend or support a booster from Pfizer I hope they produce it anyway. The FDA will have to approve it. That may delay it too long to be of help but I’d pay out of pocket for it.