China Wins Again

The Taliban say that China can contribute to Afghan development (Reuters). This stands in contrast to speculation China would feel threatened by Taliban rule because they may provide support to persecuted Muslims in their Communist nation.

We shouldn’t be surprised by all this. The Vietnam strategy of getting involved in a war, destabilizing the area and then pulling our troops out is guaranteed to fail. It has always led to victory for our competitors and enemies. History has shown us the way to succeed is to dedicate troops for decades and build permanent bases like in the Philippines, South Korea and Germany (Cold War).

The Chinese won in Vietnam. China recently bought rights to pump oil from half of the Iraqi oil fields (Iraq Business News). If it weren’t for the US granting China “Most Favored Nation” status, China wouldn’t be a super power today. The real winner in the US conflict in Afghanistan is China.

It’s as if Karl Marx himself was running the US government for the benefit of the Communist China.

Pulling out of Afghanistan wasn’t Joe’s best move. In all fairness it wasn’t his idea, it was Trumps. Or maybe they are both listening to Karl or one of his goons. I listen to the voices in my head too, I just don’t do what they tell me. The Big T had the common sense to listen to his security advisors. Or maybe he was told to hold off so the whole thing could get blamed on democrats. Hard to say.


China Weighs in on the Taliban