Dreamweaving and the Apocalypse

Dreamweaving is the art of creating a dream environment. Inside the dream can be any number of people depending on how much energy the weaver has amassed. Deamweavers are living people who know how to get out of their body and have developed the ability to create these environments. They don’t often work alone. They are not gods, demons, or necessarily enlightened. They are following the path of power.

Generally much of that energy is taken from the dreamers themselves. Dreamers so drained are unable to execute will in the dream. They are like puppets. Early to bed, early to rise…..

The dream can be used as a stage, as a way to present a picture of the people in the dream. The intended audience is other people who are out of body ( like the weaver ) or are very aware. Observers may include the dead, who are highly susceptible to suggestion. It can also be used to influence the dreamers themselves.

People can be controlled in dreams. An out of body person working with the weaver can, by holding on to a subjects back, think, talk and conduct actions while looking like the subject. In this way people’s perception of an individual can be altered. They may not remember it consciously but it is in the subconscious. They can use this to create animosity and distrust between individuals. They can also assign friends and lovers by creating false environments designed for those purposes.

People can become aware in their dreams. There’s a lot of techniques taught for that purpose. When one is aware in one’s dream it is important to remember that it is a completely contrived environment. Whatever lesson one is learning is being artificially created and may very well be complete bullshit. It is programming at worst and someone’s opinion at best.It is all dependent upon the intent of the weaver and his cohorts/helpers.

Helpers in the dream may be made to appear as someone or something else. This can be used to influence people by for example telling them something they will believe is important. It is a technique that targets the superstitious element in people’s subconscious. A helper might appear to someone as a deceased relative. The relative may have already reincarnated and is currently crapping their diaper. The doppleganger helper in the dream may tell the subject to stay with and forgive their abusive husband.

Understand that the weaver and the helpers may actually be trying to help the subject. It depends upon the weaver’s intent. Is the weaver teaching you to be in control of your own dreams or leading you to a greater understanding?

The thing to understand is we don’t need to dream. Once your body has relaxed enough to start taking in energy you are done resting. Dreaming is a discharge of energy that is completely pointless. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with dreaming but it is a vulnerable state. You simply must not take it seriously. It is unnecessary mental masturbation – it costs energy.

Visions are basically dreams. The difference is the mental state of the person getting the “vision.” Visions, like dreams, are created by living people who are out of their body. Visions are therefore suspect.

History is full of accounts of visions telling people that destroying all civilization to save the natural world is a good thing. It is also full of accounts of visions telling people destroying civilization will save people’s souls from an evil empire. The people receiving and observing those visions were desperate. The civilizations at those times were ruled by tyrant sorcerers playing god and satan or zues and hades or whatever. The dead, aware and out of body good people were being tormented and attacked.

The destruction of those civilizations was imminent by those same tyrants. They were for some reason unable to kill enough aware people. People they intended to reprogram to continue to be worshipped. They had lost control of the society.

If they could get people to rise up against their government, a government they in fact controlled, they would have the excuse to wipe them out. Think Nero putting his image in the Temple Mount. This means the subjects can be killed and reprogrammed by a dream weaver. It had to look good in the history books or people might get hipped to what was going on.

In a nation like the US in the 21st century, it would mean the end of democracy. They don’t care about the environment no matter how much they claim to. They play the roles of left and right wingers, but they hate democracy. They don’t believe in Jesus but they take on the jobs of pastor or padre. They want you to hate your government and way of life. They purposefully created trickle down economics to cause a wealth gap while feeding you nonsense about proletariats and the bourgeoisie.

Visions from the past that got people to stop fighting for their culture allowed the tyrants to destroy a power base that might threaten them in the future. This power base would have been full of enlightened and knowledgeable people that would recognize the need to resist them. Visions from those days do not apply to today unless superstition gets the better of us.