Psychic Tagging

Tagging is way Controllers identify their work and/or send a message to people who know. There are a few distinctive ones. The JD Salinger novel “The Catcher in the Rye” is an example. Linked to numerous mass murderers and assassins, some believe reading the book can program people to commit atrocities. The truth? It’s a Controller’s tag; his bragging rights. Chances are he didn’t like JD Salinger very much. It let’s others know who programmed the killer and probably directed the Controllers who created the event.

To create an event where more than one person interact requires more than one controller. For example, if a cop is to shoot an unarmed black man at least three controllers are required. One to ride on the cop, one to ride on the targeted black man and one to direct the others so the subjects cross paths. The one on the black man will make him nervous and influence his mind to get out of the car and his hand to grab for his cell phone. The one controlling the cop will make him or her nervous and make sure the safety is off, then use fear when the target reaches in his pocket. The controller can even get the cop to squeeze the trigger.

We can use our knowledge of these things to paint a picture. I’d like to draw attention to the perplexing number of feet in shoes that wash up on the shores of Puget Sound WA and the surrounding areas. Some have tried to explain it as a natural occurrence in a highly populated place (NPR). The problem with this white washing is there are plenty of other highly populated places that border water where feet don’t wash up on shore. Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York, Hong Kong and many other large cities have huge ports and ocean front. Why are there not feet washing up on their shores?

It’s a tag. Somewhere in Washington or British Columbia there is a serial killer cutting a foot off his victims and throwing them in the sound or a river that feeds into it. Most of the feet were found in BC or the northern part of Washington. The tag is intended as a threat to people in New Mexico and references Juan de Onate y Salvazar. He was a conquistador known for cutting off the feet of fighting aged indigenous males in 1599.

There is no way a serial killer can run around that area without drawing the attention of the Controllers in the region. One of them is handling the killer and his helpers or other Controller cohorts are running interference to make sure no police catch up to him. Some of the police may be owned. The situation is reminiscent of the Green River Killer.

Two other events are worth noting. One is the death of Victoria Martens and the other the death of Jean Benet Ramsey. Both were formerly influential women and lived in places where the aforementioned Controllers wanted to intimidate inhabitants.