They Think Backwards

Scientists use terminology that reflects the philosophy of their search for truth. Researchers propose Hypothesis that are ideas to explain observable phenomena. Once those Hypothesis have been researched by other scientists who are successful in reaching the same results, the Hypothesis becomes a Theory. A good Theory should be able to explain events and possibly predict new ones. The Theory is accepted as fact until a phenomena is observed that does not fit is observed. A new Hypothesis or Theory or possibly a modification of the old Theory that explains the events is then adopted. Scientists never us the word “Fact” to describe their results because that is arrogant. It assumes they couldn’t possibly be wrong. For scientists to call something fact is to quit seeking the truth. That is why accepted facts are called Theories.

The Controllers don’t think like most people, they think backwards. It confounds people’s understanding of them and serves to hide their influence. If they had their way their existence would even be hidden. This means there would be no aware people unless they had chosen them to be aware.

Their main strategy is one that starts with murder. The souls are taken where they can be controlled. They are then programmed while between lifetimes (dead). When they reincarnate some are guided or “handled” and their programming continues. They are then put into positions where they can be put to use by the Controllers.

The Controllers have been constantly taking over societies and altering them in such a way they feel thy can continue to rule. They alter religions and governments. Currently they are attempting to create a Marxist world ruled by the same tired old duality model. Half the world Socialist and half the world Communist in a state of constant war. Marxism allows for continued soul harvesting and hides their past of playing god, allah, satan, zeus, ra and all that. It also gives humans yet another false morality to justify this insanity.

All of the major societies institutionalized the murder of women. This is because the Controllers wanted an easy way to kill them and reprogram for their own use. To accomplish this they made sure women would be considered second class citizens. They do not like educated women who may influence society away from sexism. They use them for sex and as political tools. They convince them this is liberation. Jesus saved Mary from being stoned to death by convincing people it was wrong. When the Controllers took over the religion they replaced stoning with torture, rape and burning them to death. They accused them of “witchcraft” which is label for unsanctioned development of awareness. When they took over Islam they went back to stoning.

All of the major societies institutionalized the murder of gays. This is because Controllers also use them for sex and as political tools. Some of the Controllers are gay or bisexual. Gay men could be easily controlled by the way older societies were organized. If they were to step out of line they could be put to death, but with the protection of a royal or member of the clergy (usually also royalty) they could be free to be themselves. This was dependent, of course, on programmed bias in the society.

Racism and ethnocentrism are very useful when a mass murder event is planned out. Many souls can be sent to the other side where they are in a mental state vulnerable to suggestion. Whenever something would go wrong in a nation the Controllers could blame the Jews for it. Hatred of the Jews has kept Christians and Muslims from comparing their books to the original versions. This is necessary when rewriting religious books to attempt to keep playing god. It’s also allowed for numerous events to attempt to reprogram Jews.

When creating a war it is not beneficial to have peaceful people like Martin Luther King or John Lennon around. It doesn’t help to have a President opposed to escalating the country’s involvement in Vietnam either.

When playing god, or satan, by running around out of body and putting on a big show there is a risk people might figure out who they are. Since they are no longer protected by castle walls and suits of armor, the right to bear arms is scary to them.

In the religions they take over, surrendering and giving in to domination would be the rule. Submission to the gods or god ensures no one figures out how to fight back.

For any of these dirty jobs they would want to use a soul they don’t like. They would use a soul they had gathered and programmed for use.

Because they want to keep their old biases against feminism and gays they would not want the democrats in our society to be successful. They may try to get Democrats to take their efforts to a level that would disenfranchise working class and poor whites. At they same time they would be cheerleading for white supremacists.

Because they want to increase people’s support of socialism they would inspire economic principles that would destroy the educated middle class and increase the wealth gap. Using the Republicans to do it makes sense but they have to be careful to blame it on the Democrats.

Bereishit 12:5 And Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had acquired, and the souls they had acquired in Haran, and they went to go to the land of Canaan, and they came to the land of Canaan.